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Language Lessons for our literacy site!!!!

Boozhoo Indinawemaaganidog!  I will put the web links to our language lessons here.  We will start with numbers.  To download the lessons you can save the pdf documents and print them.  For the mp3 files you can right click with your mouse and select save target as.  If you use i-Tunes or any other media player with your computers you can burn these mp3 files to a cd or even put them on your i-Pod or cell phone. 

The directions for the lessons are simple and very user friendly.  

First download the pdf and then the mp3 file for each lesson.  

Next, play the mp3  and read along with the pdf.  This will help us get acquainted with  the double vowel writing convention that is used in the Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe and in all of our online curriculum.  

Then try the flashcards.  Try to repeat each word four times; Twice with just the Ojibwe and then two more times with the translation.

I have also developed some other learning modules which are called Izhisijigan, try some of these as well.  

Here are the links for our first lessons

 Unit 1


Here is the Dialogue we will study for Week 1



Vocab List 


Try to memorize the conversation and listen to it as much as possible.  We will use theses phrases very often!  The flashcards also have important and useful vocabulary to use in the classroom, school and home. 

 Unit 2

Days of the week

Morning Meeting Dialogues 

Morning Meeting Vocabulary

 Unit 3


VII Grammar Presentation

 Unit 4



 Unit 5


Months and Seasons

Ojibwe Sounds and Writing System

 Unit 6




 Unit 7

A Grammar Presentation

Worksheet Bezhig



New Vocab

 Unit 8




Mashkiki Quiz

Doodem Flashcards

Doodem Fill in the Blank

Doodem Multiple Choice

Ikidowinan miinawaa Gagwedwewinan Flashcards

Ikidowinan miinawaa Gagwedwewinan Multiple Choice

Ikidowinan miinawaa Gagwedwewinan Drag and Drop

Ikidowinan miinawaa Gagwedwewinan Multiple Choice Niizh

Ikidowinan miinawaa Gagwedwewinan Drag and Drop Niizh

Ikidowin miinawaa Gagawedwewinan Quiz

 Final Exam                                                                                               

Here is the link to the materials we will be using for the final:

Language Table Final Exam