This Kiwi Can Fly

My name is James, and I'm living in the UK while I explore Europe. You can view my travel blog at

I come from a country a very long way away, so I'm determined to make the most of my time here. I'm quite a bore on the subject of travel. I take every opportunity to ask people where I should visit, and everyone has some tip or other. One guy I work with knows eastern Spain very well, a woman I met at a party recommended Krakow, etc. I have set up this site to keep track of them all.

Basically, I'm just going to use this page as a dumping ground of travel ideas, so I don't forget anything.

Travel Notes:
  • Barcelona. Everyone loves it.  DONE
  • Morocco. Everyone hates it.
  • Le Mans. Recommended glass museum.
  • Paris. The catacombs are currently closed indefinitely after vandalism. OPEN AGAIN
  • In the hills near Krakow, there is a group of churches built as a substitute for Jerusalem.
  • Jan to March 2010, need to save up some leave and money. Try to do cheap weekend trips to knock off some of the local English place I haven't been to yet: Bath, Birmingham, Oxford.
  • Sir John Soane Museum - closed on Sundays. Try again on a Saturday, or first Tuesday evening of the month for candle tour.  DONE
  • Bletchley Park, at Milton Keynes.
  • Walk the Peddars Way (break it into 3 sections?). DONE

Col de Tourmalet