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Windows 3.1 build 34e (beta)

This is the startup logo (VGALOGO.RLE). This logo is Windows 3.0 style.

This the default desktop you are greeted with.

Some apps running.

This the MS-DOS Executive that was leftover from Windows 3.0. There are also other leftovers from it in this beta.

This has the same games that Windows 3.0 had, with little to no difference. Minesweeper is not implemented yet.

Reversi. Completely unchanged.

While there is a readme file seen in Main group, this is the real readme.

The Control panel. Some things appear to differ over Windows 3.0

For some reason just like the DOS its running on top of, it always displays military time.

Solitaire. Nothing seems to differ from it and the final.

This DOS prompt only runs in fullscreen, and cant switch between Windows and DOS applications with Alt-Tab. So much for multitasking DOS and Windows. :P

The Accessories group contains Packager with an early icon. While this program is included in the final Windows 3.1, its not shown in any program groups. This is also in the Applications group, as shown below.

One group calls it Dr. Watson, while the other calls it System Diagnostic Utility. Also notice Packager is also included in this group.\

The icon shown below "Current Icon" is the same Windows logo that 3.0 has.

The same icon is visible in WINVER.EXE.

In the SYSTEM folder of Windows. KERNEL.exe is the application Windows loads for real mode. This maybe the last build that has Real Mode in it.

REGEDIT.exe is the File Associations Editor.

When you look at the about box of applications, such as this one, it has the same layout of the final Windows 3.1 about box. It also has a real window as its logo. (is that the window in Bill Gates' mansion?)

Finally shutting down Windows.