Professional History

1946; 1949 Lecturer, Yale University
1949-1952 American Academy in Rome, Fellowship
1951-1952 Fulbright Fellowship
1952-1960 Asst. Prof. to Prof. of Art and Architecture, University of California, Berkeley
1956-1960 Editor-in-Chief, The Art Bulletin
1966 25th Anniversary of the National Gallery of Art medal for distinguished services to Education in Art
1960-1961 Council on the Humanities, Princeton, Fellow
1961-date Professor of Fine Arts, Harvard University; 1983-  Arthur Kingsley 
Porter Professor of Fine Arts., Chairman, 1963-1968,  1982-84 Emeritus, 1990
1967-1975 Co-Founder, President, University Film Study Center
1967-1984 American Academy in Rome, Trustee.
1969-1970 Slade Professor of Fine Art, University of Cambridge   (England)
1969- present Member of Consiglio Scientifico, Centro Internazionale di Studi di 
Architettura, Vicenza    
1970 Centennial Award of the University of California
1974-1975 Senior Fellow, National Endowment for the Humanities; Resident 
scholar, American Acad. in Rome
1977-87 The Artists Foundation, Trustee (President 1977-79)
1980-1982 Council of Scholars, Library of Congress, member.
1985 Mellon Lecturer, National Gallery of Art, Washington.
1987 Gold Medal, Istituto di Storia dell'Arte Lombarda; Institute   Honors, 
American Institute of Architects; Committee for Architecture, Biennale di Venezia 
1988 Meyer Schapiro visiting Professor of Art History, Columbia   University; 
Walter Channing Cabot Faculty Fellow, Harvard U.; 
1989-92 Art History Panel, Senior Fulbright fellowships; Chair
1991.  College Art Assn. of America, Distinguished Teaching Award.
Visiting Professor of Art History, Columbia University.
1992 Visiting Fellow, New York Institute for the Humanities at New York 
University.  Visiting Professor of Fine Arts, N.Y.U. Institute of Fine Arts.  
Editor, Annali di Architettura (through 1994; Editorial Board, 1992 on).
1993  Fellow, John Simon Guggenheim Foundation
1995  Premio Daria Borghese, Rome.
1996 Visiting Professor of Architecture, M.I.T.
1997, 1999 Visiting Professor of Architecture, Graduate School of Design, Harvard.                                        
1998 Paul Kristeller Lifetime Achieviement Award of the Renaissance Society of America.
2001 International Balzan Foundation Prize for lifetime contribution to the history of architecture and Urbanism.
2001 Mellon Senior felloship, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal.
2008 Honorary Citizen of the City of Padua. 
Leone d’oro award of the Biennale of Architecture, Venice lifetime contribution to the history of architecture.
2008  Lifetime achievement award, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Los Angeles.

Books and Films

The Cortile del Belvedere, Vatican City, 1954; The Architecture of Michelangelo, 2 vols., London/New York, 1961 (Hitchcock Medal, College Art and Assn); Introduzione,” Art and Archaeology (with Rhys Carpenter), Englewood Cliffs, 1962; Palladio, Harmondsworth, 1966 (3rd. ed. 2008); Palladio's Villas, New York, 1967.  The Villa: Form and Ideology of Country Houses, Princeton University Press and Thames and Hudson, London,1990. Distance Points: Studies in Theory and Renaissance Art and Architecture, Cambridge, Mass. 1991 (American Institute of Architects Award in History and Theory, 1992). (Co-editor and contributor, with Wolfgang Jung) Conventions of Architectural Drawing: Representation and Misrepresentation,  Harvard, Graduate School of Design, 2000. Origins, Imitation, Conventions, Cambridge, Mass., 2002.

Films: Looking for Renaissance Rome (with John Terry, Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt), 1976; Palladio the Architect and His Influence in America (with John Terry), 1980, available on YouTube; Dialogue with Matthew Cohen on Theory of Proportion, 2011, available on YouTube.

Articles and Essays  

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