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About Me

Education and Work

My journey to being a teacher started long before I even got to college. My stepfather always used to tease that
I'd end up like the character from "Welcome Back, Kotter" and teaching at my high school, Viewpoint School but I never paid any attention. Yet, after getting a BS in chemistry from UC Berkeley, that's just about what I did. I worked at PTRL West for a while doing environmental fate studies on agricultural pesticides, but I soon found an opportunity to teach at Chinese Christian School inSan Leandro, CA where I taught chemistry and physics, learning on the job and finding out what I was really made of! Not only did I have a passion for teaching, but also a growing intrerest in language and culture which eventually bloomed into my next major teaching opportunity. At the Amicitia American School of Fes in the North African nation of Morocco, I was the science teacher for grades 6 to 10, and personal mentor and friend to pretty much anybody who decided they needed an ear to listen.

Personal Background

I love teaching. It started out as a job opportunity, but it's become my passion. Still, even as a kid I was an amateur musician, specializing in piano and guitar. In the last couple of years, after starting off with a taste for punk rock, I managed to teach myself the basics of fingerstyle guitar and even convinced a friend of mine to record one of my compositions. Of course, I helped him build his studio, so I supposed I paid in sweat equity. If you listen, kindly ignore my voice ;-)

I've also taken up running in recent years, and finally committed to an organized race: the 13.1 Marathon series. This is the series' inaugural race in L.A. and is scheduled for January 10, 2010. I'm training along with Team World Vision.

About My School

I currently teach at the Humanitas Academy of Art and Technology 

Classes I teach