I was looking for a way I could document stuff I learn to get my work done on day-to-day basis. Very often these are once in a while activities. So, I google when I need them, figure out how to get through for that day, and forget about it in a week or so. Very often I would find myself in the same situation all over again few months down the line and go over the procedure from scratch, forcing me to go through the process of discovery again. I wished I could document everything somewhere which was relatively more permanent, easily accessible and easily editable.

I first looked at blogging such stuff. Blogs, in my opinion, are meant for publishing your ideas and share thoughts. Although you are allowed to edit a blog post once they are published, , blogs are meant for publish once refer many times (or whatever).

Then I looked at setting up a wiki page somewhere. But decided against it, because wiki is meant for online collaboration with a large number of people and were heavy weights. I do not intend to share edit access with anyone this point in time.

Finally I settled down for a website. And here it is. Suggestions are welcome. You may leave a feedback here.

- James Pandavan

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