Descendants of James Mackey son of William Mackey

JAMES MACKEY was born 1828 in Indiana and died 1875 as a result of being hung and then shot by a vigilante mob in pursuit of two of his sons thought to be horses thieves in Hazel Dell, Comanche County, Texas. He married UNISA STEPHENS daughter of JOHN STEPHENS and CATHERINE HOBACK. She was born 1828 in Missouri, (no records have been found, but she was supposed to have died Nov 1891 in Penos Altos, Grant County, New Mexico.) James Mackey and his son Daniel (who also was shot and killed) in Comanche County, were both buried in field stone marked graves (which have since been disturbed making the where abouts difficult to locate) in the Hazel Dell Cemetery, Comanche County, Texas. 
In the 1820 Crawford County, Indiana Federal Cencus on page 9 theres a Wm. McKee residing near two households that I believe are related to my John Stephens family. Andrew and Mark Hoback or Hobaugh.
Hazel Dell was located across the street from Choctaw Bills' Oak
preaching tree, in Comanche County, Texas 
  Choctaw Bill Robinson Oak Preaching Tree                                                                                                                                                    
James and Unisa Mackey lived in Navarro County, Texas in the 1850 Census, Erath County in the 1860 Census and Comanche County 1870 Census 
Mackey Newspaper Articles By: Penny Argroves Holmes
Mackey Obits By: Penny Argroves Holmes
Mackey Tidbits By: Randal Alan Farrar 
1888 Gun Fight in Lincoln County Submitted by: Mike Green and Format by: C. W. Barnum
1.DANIEL MACKEY b. 1850, Texas  d. May 1872, Comanche County, Texas.
By: Randal Alan Farrar - By February 1872, Daniel Mackey had been charged with threat to murder in a stand-off in Hazle Dell. He had foolishly picked on Henry Ware, a cool headed gunman. Dan shot at Ware twice and missed, but Ware didn't. Ware was also charged, but found not guilty, self defense. Dan recovered, but didn't forget.
George W. Conway was to be a witness at Ware's trial. So in May, Mackey drank enough whiskey to settle his nerves and went into Conway's saloon where he took a couple of shots at Conway. Again he missed, but the bartender, George Hogg, did not. He shot Dan Mackey through the neck, killing him.
By: W.S. Caffey, Comanche Texas Heritage Division of Comanche County Texas                                                     
One night in saloon in Hazel Dell, a big crowd of cowboys had gathered in from the ranches, and were having a big time in general. Dan Mackey a tough character, had come in, too, and was drinking heavily. He raised a row with my father, proprietor of the saloon. Mackey jerked out his six shooter and shot twice at father, missing him with both shots, the bartender George Hogne was behind the bar, jerked out his pistol and shot Mackey in the neck, breaking it. Houge left the county after this but returned sixteen years later. He was tried and acquitted in this case.
2. JOHN CALVIN MACKEY, b. 09 Apr 1848, Texas; d. 08 Oct 1922, Sierra, New Mexico.
3. ABSALOM JAMES "NATT" MACKEY, b. 2 Mar 1853, Texas; d. 22 July 1929, Brawley, Imperial, California, Buried Riverview Cemetery, Brawley, Imperial County, California.
4. WILLIAMSON MILBURN MACKEY, b. 21 Sep 1858, Stephenville, Erath, Texas; d. 22 Jan 1937, Cortez, Montezuma County, Colorado.

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