Education and Academics


University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW)

2014 Ph.D. Botany—plant ecology, advisor: Joy Zedler GPA: 4.0

2010 M.S. Botany—plant ecology, advisor: Joy Zedler GPA: 4.0

Binghamton University (BU)

2008 B.S. Biological Sciences—EEB, advisor: John Titus GPA: 3.9

Corning Community College

2005 credits only GPA: 4.0

Research Experience

Doctoral Dissertation Research

  • Tested biodiversity-ecosystem function theory in new contexts: experimental, created, and restored wetlands

  • Quantified plant diversity and productivity, and examined their relationship with commonly-sought wetland ecosystem services (flow attenuation, stormwater retention, erosion resistance, and nutrient removal) within a set of create wetlands

  • Manipulated soil microtopography in a restoration project to test if added variation could buffer plantings against extreme weather conditions

  • Tested the effect of seed provenance on wetland plant establishment in a restoration

Master’s Thesis Research

  • Re-sampled an 11-yr-old created coastal salt-marsh experiment in Tijuana Estuary, CA, to explore changes in vegetation structure and diversity-productivity relationships

Non-Thesis Research as a Graduate Student

  • Evaluated plant and soil impacts associated with natural gas pipeline installation in southeast WI wetlands

  • Conducted a baseline survey of a grassland in northern MN, and helped managers develop restoration plans for culturally important species there

  • Designed a more rigorous water quality sampling program for three retention ponds at UW-Arboretum and implemented it

  • Coordinated experimental plantings of submergent and emergent macrophytes in a 2.4-ha retention pond and monitored first-year establishment

  • Contributed analysis and writing for papers on: landscape-scale constraints to restoration, stormwater management and wetland restoration at UW-Arboretum, and diversity-abundance relationships in submergent lake plant communities

Undergraduate Research

  • Investigated sediment oxidation, porewater chemistry, and interspecific interactions in response to the planted density of a submergent macrophyte

  • Compared the viability of vegetative fragments of native and invasive bladderworts subjected to various levels of fragmentation and desiccation

  • Assayed the morphology and tissue chemistry of a declining population of water lilies

Outreach Experience

Research Publications for General Audiences


  • Presented research to 60+ community members at UW-Arboretum’s annual Science Day event 6 years in a row, including:

    • oral presentations in 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2014

    • poster presentations in 2010, 2013, and 2014

  • Co-led scientific field trips of UW-Arboretum for:

    • Society of Wetland Scientists (2009)

    • Wisconsin Association for Floodplain, Stormwater, and Coastal Mgmt. (2012)

    • Society for Restoration Ecologists (2013)

Research and Restoration Work With Volunteers

  • Helped community volunteers complete a water quality sampling program for a retention pond and adjacent areas of UW-Arboretum’s Curtis Prairie restoration

  • Worked with student volunteers to plant >1700 rootstocks on native emergent along the edge of a 2.4-ha retention pond

  • Worked with community and student volunteers to plant >1000 native sedge plugs in two field experiments set up within a restoration project

  • Worked with teams of AmeriCorps volunteers to apply soil manipulations for wetland planting experiments in both years of a restoration field experiment

  • Co-led three UW-Arboretum work parties with community volunteers (clearing brush, pulling invasives, and planting natives at UW-Arboretum)

Academic Service

Graduate Co-Chair of Wisconsin Ecology (2012-14)

  • Took the lead organizing the groups 18th Annual Spring Symposium in 2013

  • Scheduled the guest lecturer’s meetings with UW faculty, dinners, etc.

  • Organized and MC'd a set of student talks and a student poster session

  • Co-led a field trip of theUW Arboretum for the lecturer

  • Recruited student volunteers for events and organized student journal clubs and socials

  • Served as a graduate representative at Wisconsin Ecology executive committee meetings and ran graduate representative committee meetings

  • Requested and applied for funds to support group events

Graduate Committee Representative of Wisconsin Ecology (2010-12)

  • Volunteered at and publicized group events

  • Attended graduate committee meetings on behalf of the botany department

Graduate Member of the UW Botany’s Colloquium Committee (2009-2013)

  • Initiated and organized the first-ever Botany “Summer DisCo” (a three-part Dissertator Colloquium series in a shorter, more casual format)

  • Helped carry out selection and accommodation of student-selected speakers

Ad-hoc Support for a Invited Lectures at UW (2009)

  • Organized a post-lecture reception and co-led a field trip at UW Arboretum for a lecturer invited by UW’s Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute

  • Co-led two field trips at UW Arboretum for lecturers invited by Wisconsin Ecology

Ad-hoc Reviewer for:

  • Restoration Ecology

  • Ecological Monographs

  • Ecology

  • Wetlands Ecology and Management

Honors and Awards
    Phi Beta Kappa 
    summa cum laude
    Golden Key
    Graduate of Binghamton University Scholars Program
    Distinguished Senior Thesis in Biology

    UW-Madison Botany Dept. Davis Summer Research Award
    Garden Club of America Coastal Wetlands Scholarship
    James H. Wilmoth Award for Excellence in Biological Sciences
    James D. Grierson Award for Excellence in Botany
    Undergraduate Research Award (received 3 times)