Courses Taught (or rather, in progress)

Earth, Environment, and Energy-OS005, Stanford University Online High School (Stanford OHS), 2014-2015

Honors Chemistry-OC005, Stanford OHS, 2014-2015

Guest Lectures

Adaptive Restoration Lab-Botany 670, University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW)

  • Introduction to the vegetation of Grand Portage National Monument, MN, October 2009

  • Plant diversity: concepts and metrics (October 2010)

  • Teal pond wetland restoration as an example of adaptive design, November 2013

Plants and Humans-Botany 240, UW

  • Do invasive plants threaten biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem functions and services?, November 2012

Plant Systematics Lab-Botany 400, UW

  • Wetland plants of UW-Arboretum (field lecture), July 2011

Teaching Assistantships and Tutoring

Introductory Biology (Biology 152), UW, Spring 2013

  • Taught weekly 3-hr labs for two lab sections

  • Guided students through drafts of semester-long research projects, graded final papers and speeches

  • Graded all lab work

  • Participated in the course’s peer shadowing program (being shadowed 3 times and shadowing a peer 3 times)

Plants and Humans (Botany 240), UW, Fall 2012

  • Graded all tests and essays for a 90-student lecture

  • Handled most student emails and meetings

  • Set up and maintained course website (posting all grades and content)

  • Helped with, or presented, in-class demos

Introductory Biology (Biology 117), Binghamton University (BU), Spring 2008

  • Taught weekly discussion/lab sections for two sections, with discussions and labs alternating by week

Tutor for Binghamton Tutors Program, BU, Spring 2007

  • Tutored students, predominantly in Organic Chemistry II (Chemistry 332), and held review sessions prior to exams

Undergraduate Research Students Mentored

Andy Meunch, Independent research credits, Spring 2013

Helped him design, run, harvest, and analyze a 4-week greenhouse experiment examining morphological “growth efficiency” in juvenile cattails in response to levels of N-addition

Rachel Kueler, Independent project for Biology 152, Summer and Fall 2012

Helped her learn to ID plants within a field site and then helped her carry out a census and seed bank study of experimental plots in a wetland restoration project

Jon Kuo, Independent research credits, Summer 2012

Introduced him to basic plant ecology field work and wetland plant identification, and to voucher specimen collection/preservation

Cat Lenander, Senior thesis in Botany, Spring 2012

Helped her design, run, harvest, and analyze an 8-week greenhouse experiment on growth responses of different native sedge species to factorial soil and water level treatments

Maggy McGary, Senior thesis in Botany, Summer and Fall 2011

Helped her design study, identify taxa, and sample like-aged populations of two cattail species that had recently invaded created wetland habitats to compare morphology and “growth efficiency”

Kyle-Ryan Tillman, Senior project in Botany, Fall 2011

Helped him collect field data, and write a review comparing traits of two grasses with similar morphology (one native and one invasive)