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(links to these and other stories can be found on the Fiction Page)
The Black Flowers of Sevan: Heroic Fantasy Quarterly
Ancient Shades: Heroic Fantasy Quarterly
The Substance of a Dream: Mirror Dance
The Bone House: Beneath Ceaseless Skies
And Other Such Delights: Beneath Ceaseless Skies
What Dread Words: Sorcerous Signals
Whisperthief: Sorcerous Signals
All That Grows: The Absent Willow Review
The Deathless Ones: Fantastic Horror
The Obsidian City: Kings of the Night
The Glass Cage: Aphelion
Pale Nations of the Dead: Aphelion
The Season Without Sun: Aphelion
The Dark Blessing: Silver Blade
The Iron Morning In The Metallic Sunrise: The Nautilus Engine
The Sins of the Land: Dark Fire
The Fearsome Knight and the Little Dragon - A Fairytale: Mirror Dance
The Song The Soldiers Sang - A Fable: Everyday Fiction
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - A Fable: Everyday Fiction
Infected: Golden Visions
The Tower of Dreams: Abandoned Towers
The Song of Tussagaroth: Innsmouth Free Press
The Cold Legions: Iron Bound
Thin Blood: Aurora Wolf
Bride of the Waters: Lacuna

In Print
Skin Tight: Emerald Eye, The Best Irish Imaginative Fiction (Aeon Press)
Deepest Black: Jupiter SF
The Earth Beneath My Feet: Jupiter SF
What Dread Words: Arcane Whispers 2 (Wolfsinger Publications)
Whisperthief: Mystic Signals 4 (Wolfsinger Publications)
The Children of Badb Catha: The Phantom Queen Awakes (Morrigan Books)
Forged In Heaven, Tempered In Hell: Through Blood and Iron, Ricasso Press (Publication Date TBC)
Earlier Fiction
A bunch of my short stories appeared in various, late and lamented, UK zines in the late 1990's, including Nasty Piece of Work, Threads, Unreal Dreams, Beyond the Boundaries, Zest, Oktobyr and Albedo One (which is still going strong, by the way) I even made an early US appearance in Not One of Us. A lot of these stories have been lost to both mind and posterity but included:
Beloved Son/ The Maze/ The Sins of the Land (an earlier version set in the US southwest) all of which appeared in David A. Green's excellent Nasty Piece of Work.
 Stealing Utopia: which appeared in Zest, edited by Ian Redman, who now edits the very fine SF magazine Jupiter.
Skin Tight, which first saw print in Albedo One, Ireland's only SF magazine.
On The Steel Highway/ This Is the Way We Bleed, both of which appeared in the late Geoff Lynas' Threads.
Beloved Son (US Reprint) in Not One of Us.
The Magnificat of Devils, Oktobyr edited by Simon Bestwick
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