Frankly  Speaking!   
           This is just to share my frankly speaking mind with you on all and sundry - from politics to religion, God to man, heaven to  hell,  sin to sanctity, spirituality to 
terialism, communalism to secularism, poverty to prosperity, factionalism to unity, nationalism to globalization.
            Some  of  them are commentaries on happenings or  developing trends on social, political, economic or religious fronts in the national or global arena. Among them are regular articles published in weeklies like "Indian Currents" from Delhi, excerpts from two books published,"Woman Why are you weeping?"  "From Womb to Tomb", observations on daily happenings  in the Face book: http://www.facebook.com/james.kottoor,  and even in Tweets: http://twitter.com/jameskotoor).
              We have already marched past the agricultural and industrial revolution. Now we are passing through the fast process of knowledge revolution driven by Information technology  and  internet connectivity which are  breaking down all barriers of time and space. Sitting in our study  before the computer we download and learn from   pearls of wisdom produced by eminent minds the world over.
           The scribe behind this scribblings is a journalist who never dreamt of becoming one. Fate or providence -- I believe the latter -- sent him to School of Journalism, Marquette, Milwaukee,US to take a degree, to Rome for a Doctorate in Theology and Diploma in Sociology, to Paris to study French, beccame Editor and Publisher of New Leader from Madras and Editorial Secretary at Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore and
 Associate Editor of Indian Currents, Delhi to which he regularly contributes.
          He was invitee-speaker to 9th World conference of Catholic Press in Luxemburg and meeting of Developing Countries, in Aachen,Germany. In 1975 he was invited to speak at the Asian Conference on "Printed Word in Asia" in Hong Kong and witnessed from there the arrest of Jeya Prekash Narayan and declaration of Emergency in India.In 2001 he was invited to the  First World conference on Women's Ordination in Dublin in 2001.
            He strongly believes that man goes only where his mind goes, that one who conquers  minds conquers the world, that all of us can and must contribute our mite to spread the good word and right ideas to mold minds with right convictions so that they in turn become trail blazers in their fields of competence to help shape a better world. So I share my honest thoughts with you and request you to share yours with me and to correct me where you thik I am wrong as I have to learn a lot from each one of you. "The only thing I know for certain is that I do not know and that applies to everything in this world and in the next".(cf.Lord that I may See, in this Web.)
           Therefore  I will be the happiest person to receive from you, my esteemed readers and Masters -- because each one of you have something to teach me --  your outspoken views by way of comments, suggestions  and criticisms without minsing words. Please send them  to: jameskottoor@gmail.com, or  jkottoor@asianetindia.com  for mutual benefit and of all concerned for evolving a humane human  global family, a network of proud world citizens bent on  promoting brotherhood of peoples and nations.
             After all, it is the duty of all who can, to share whatever big or small insights he/she  may have for the sake of the common good.It is in this spirit that my stray frankly speaking thoughts are put on display for the benefit of those interested. Little drops make the mighty ocean. Even if these contributions are going to be nothing more than a mighty mite, a drop in the ocean, so be it. Those who stand and wait also serve. Even the subdued humming can  and do add to the beauty of the great concert, the evolving Knowledge Symphony of the 21st century.

With Warm Regards,
Dr. James Kottoor,
Santhibhavan, 31/2249, Thammanam PO,
Ernakulam, Kochi - 682032, Kerala,
Ph.0484-2344679, Mob: +91 9446219203