I don't do many reviews, but here is a selection of my reviews available online 

Classical philology: A modest proposal (review of W. Ludwig, Hellas in Deutschland, in BMCR 9/5/2000)

 L'immagine poetica nella teoria degli antichi: Phantasia ed enargeia, by A. Manieri (rev. in CW 2001)

Lucretius Then and Now (review of W. R. Johnson, Lucretius and the Modern World, in Scholia Reviews ns 11 (2002)

Review of Maria Broggiato (ed.), Cratete di Mallo: I frammenti. Edizione, introduzione e note (2001), in BMCR 11.33 (2003)

Review of L'Antico degli Antichi (Classical Review 2003)

Review of Peter Struck, Birth of the Symbol (Classical Review 2007)

Review of Salvatore Settis, Future of the 'Classical' (Journal of Roman Studies, 2007) 

Review of Oleg V. Bychkov and Anne Sheppard (eds., trs.), Greek and Roman Aesthetics (NDPR 2011)

Review of Binder et al. (eds), Epitaphien (CR 2010)

Nietzsche, die Griechen, und die Philologie. (Nietzsche-Studien 2011)

Rev. of 

1. Enrico Müller, Die Griechen im Denken Nietzsches (Monographien und

Texte zur Nietzsche-Forschung, Bd. 50), Berlin / New York (Walter

de Gruyter) 2005.

2. Christian Benne, Nietzsche und die historisch-kritische Philologie (Monographien

und Texte zur Nietzsche-Forschung, Bd. 49), Berlin / New York

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3. Dale Wilkerson, Nietzsche and the Greeks, London / New York (Continuum

International Publishing) 2006.

4. Riccardo Dri, Nietzsche legge Platone: Platone e Nietzsche: due uomini, due

artisti, Torino (Seneca) 2009.