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Classicism and the Classical Ideal

The Materiality of Classical Studies (Parallax 2003)

Introduction to Classical Pasts (Princeton 2005)

Hearing Voices: Winckelmann and the History of Classical Scholarship [in Antiquity Recovered: The Legacy of Pompeii and Herculaneum, ed. Victoria Coates and Jonathan Seydl (Malibu, 2007: The Getty Museum) [Winckelmann meets Epicureanism in the flesh. And is not at all pleased.]

What is 'Classical' about Classical Antiquity? Eight Propositions (Arion, 2005)

Herculaneum in the History of Art Criticism (on Winckelmann's encounter with Herculaneum, published in issue 3 of Herculaneum Archaeology). [a short version of "Hearing Voices"]

Foucault's Ascetic Ancients, Phoenix 2005

Foucault's Antiquity, from Classics and the Uses of Reception, ed. Richard Thomas and Charles Martindale (Blackwell, 2006). 

"Discipline and Punish: Some Corrections to Boyle," Foucault Studies 14, 2012

"Hellenism and Modernity," in  The Oxford Handbook of Hellenic Studies, OUP 2009

Classical Reception

eOn Nabokov's Invitation to a Beheading and Plato, in International Journal of the Classical Tradition, 2010

Reception Studies: Future Prospects (from L. Hardwick, C. Stray, eds. A Companion to Classical Receptions. Blackwell Press. 2007)

See also this Modest Proposal


Things Ancient

Patterns of Perception in Aeschylus (Cabinet of the Muses: essays on classical and comparative literature in honor of Thomas G. Rosenmeyer, edited by Mark Griffith and Donald J. Mastronarde (Atlanta 1990) 31-56.)

Hermeneutic Lines and Circles: Aristarchus and Crates on the Exegesis of Homer, from Homer's Ancient Readers (Princeton 1992)

The Seductions of Gorgias (Classical Antiquity, 12:2, 1993)

Aristotle and Specular Regimes (in Sites of Vision, ed. D. Levin 1999)

Sounds You Cannot Hear (in French, on Cicero, Philodemus, Dionysius of Halicarnassus, and Longinus [from Clara Auvray-Assayas and Daniel Delattre, eds., Cicéron et Philodème: La polémique en philosophie. 2001, 315-41.])

Hoi Kritikoi, in Greek Literary Theory after Aristotle, Amsterdam, 1995

Aristotle and the Origins of Euphony  (Naples, 2004)

Nausiphanes of Teos ("the last named Democritean," from Cronache Ercolanesi 2002) 

Lucretius and the Poetics of Void (from Le Jardin Romain, ed. A. Monet, Lille, 2002) [self-explanatory]

Vergil's Voids (from Before Subjectivity? Lacan and the Classics, ed. JIP and Mark Buchan, Helios 2004.)

Introduction to Before Subjectivity? Lacan and the Classics.

Lasus of Hermione, Pindar and the Riddle of S (Classical Quarterly, 2007)

"Poseidippos," in Encyclopedia of Ancient History (Wiley 2012)

Philosophy of Life

Epicurean Attachments (from Cronache Ercolanesi 2003) [what connects life, pleasure, beauty, friendship, and divinity? Epicurus replies.]

Love of Life: Lucretius to Freud from Erotikon, ed. Shadi Bartsch and Thomas Bartscherer, Chicago 2005.

See also "The Value of Aesthetic Value" (under Aesthetics)

The Sublime

Ideals and Ruins: Pausanias, Longinus, and the Second Sophistic (Pausanias: Travel and Memory in Ancient Greece, ed. S. Alcock, J. F. Cherry, J. Elsner, 2001)

Des sons qu'on ne peut entendre (in Ciceron et Philodème, ed. C. Auvray-Assayas and D. Delattre, 2001)

Lucretius and the Sublime (Cambridge Companion to Lucretius, ed. S. Gillespie and P. Hardie, 2007) 

Against Leptotês: Rethinking Hellenistic Aesthetics, in Creating A Hellenistic World, ed. A. Erskine and L. Llewellyn-Jones (Wales, 2011) [penultimate version with some corrections appended]

Plato and the Platonic Tradition: The Image Beyond the Image (Yearbook of Comparative Literature, 2010)

Sublime  Monuments and Sublime Ruins in Ancient Aesthetics (European Review of History, 18, special issue ed. A. Kahane 2011)

Is the Sublime an Aesthetic Value? in Aesthetic Value in Classical Antiquity, ed. I. Sluiter and R. Rosen (Brill 2012)


The Disgrace of Matter in Ancient Aesthetics (from KAKOS: Badness and Anti-Value in Classical Antiquity, ed. R. Rosen and I. Sluiter, Leiden, 2008)

Is Art Modern? Kristeller's ‘Modern System of the Arts’ Reconsidered (British Journal of Aesthetics, Jan. 2009)

Reply to Shiner (British Journal of Aesthetics, April 2009)

Why Art Has Never Been Autonomous (Arethusa 2010)

[The debate continues. See P. Kivy in BJA 2012.)

Against Leptotēs: Rethinking Hellenistic Aesthetics, from A. Erskine and L. Llewellyn-Jones, Creating a Hellenistic World (Swansea 2011)

"The Value of Aesthetic Value," in G. Urton and J. Papadopoulos, The Construction of Value in the Ancient World, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, Los Angeles, 2012.

"Aesthetics," in Encyclopedia of Ancient History (Wiley 2012).

"Why are there nine muses?" in S. Butler, A. Purves, eds., Synaesthesia and the Ancient Senses (Acumen, 2013).


Odysseus and the Wandering Jew: The Dialectic of Jewish Enlightenment in Horkheimer and Adorno (Cultural Critique, 2010)

Homer: The Very Idea (Arion, Fall 2002)

Homer: The History of an Idea (Cambridge Companion to Homer, CUP, 2005)

Making and Unmaking: The Achaean Wall and the Limits of Fictionality in Homeric Criticism (TAPA Spring 2011)

Homer, Skepticism, and the History of Philology (on S. Butler's Authoress of the Odyssey, inter alia), in S.C. Humphreys and R.G. Wagner, Modernity's Classics, Springer Verlag, 2013.


Erich Auerbach and the Judaizing of Philology (Critical Inquiry, Autumn 2008)

"Auerbach's Earthly Counter-Philology," Digital Philology (Fall 2013)

"Introduction" to Time, History, and Literature: Selected Essays of Erich Auerbach (Princeton 2014).

Less Recent Things

Saussure and Derrida on the Figure of the Voice  MLN 1986.

Philo's Confusion of Tongues Quaderni Urbinati 1986

Reading Representation in Franz Grillparzer's Der arme Spielmann, Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift (1981) (my Erstlingswerk, written as a spoof on critical theory and style (really!; check out, inter alia, the first Teutonic footnote; it was all dated the moment it was written); rpt. with corrections in Franz Grillparzer’s Der arme Spielmann: New Directions in Criticism, ed. Clifford Albrecht Bernd (Camden House, 1988). 



Unconscious Agency in Nietzsche (Nietzsche-Studien, 1998)

Nietzsche et les charmes de la métaphysique: "La logique du sentiment" (Revue Germanique Internationale, 1999)

The Invention of Dionysus and the Platonic Midwife: Niezsche's Birth of Tragedy (The Journal of the History of Philosophy, 1995, 33:3)

Nietzsches Rhetoric: Theory and Strategy (Philosophy and Rhetoric, special issue on "Nietzsche and Rhetoric," ed. Daniel Conway 27:3, Fall 1994)

Untimely Meditations: Nietzsche’s Zeitatomistik in Context (Journal of Nietzsche Studies 20 (2000) 58-81)

Rare Impressions (review of KGW 2.1-5, Niezsche's philological writings; IJCT 2000)

Nietzsche and Tragedy (A Companion to Tragedy, ed. R. Bushnell, Blackwell, 2005) 

Nietzsche's Theory of the Will To Power (A Companion to Nietzsche, ed. K. Ansell-Pearson, Blackwell, 2006)

Nietzsche and the Problem of Socrates (A Companion to Socrates, ed. S. Ahbel-Rappe and R. Kamtekar, Blackwell, 2006)

Nietzsche and the Impossibility of Nihilism (Nietzsche, Nihilism, and the Philosophy of the Future, ed. J. Metzger, Continuum, 2009)

Theater of the Absurd: Nietzsche's Genealogy as Cultural Critique (in special issue of American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, ed. C. Bambach, 2010)

Nietzsche's Genealogy as Performative Critique (K. de Boer and R. Sonderegger, Conceptions of Critique in Modern and Contemporary Philosophy (Palgrave 2012; revised rpt. of "Theater of the Absurd")

"Don't Quote Me on That!" Wilamowitz Contra Nietzsche in 1872 and 1873,Jnl of Nietzsche Studies, 2011

Nietzsche's Radical Philology, in A. Jensen and H. Heit, Nietzsche as a Scholar of Antiquity (Bloomsbury 2014).

Epicurus in 19thc Germany: Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, forthcoming in The Handbook of Epicurean Studies, ed. J. Fish and K. Sanders, OUP 2014