Jim Johnston is a lawyer, writer, and lecturer in Washington D.C.  His law practice covers telecommunications, intellectual property, and appellate litigation. Jim has more than one hundred newspaper and magazine articles to his credit on topics such as law, history, art, terrorism, and books.  His work has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, White House History, Legal Times of Washington, American Lawyer, and the Maryland Historical Society Magazine. He has written two books, The Recollections of Margaret Cabell Brown Loughborough about a woman who worked in Richmond during the Civil War, and From Slave Ship to Harvard, which traces six generations of an extraordinary African American family.  A list of his articles and links to copies of many may be found at the Publications button.  Jim is on the Speakers Bureau of the Montgomery County Historical Society and a frequent lecturer to Washington D.C. audiences.  His new book, Murder, Inc., The CIA Under John Kennedy, will be released in August 2019.