Office Hours

Current/Recent Teaching:

EC104: The World Economy: History & Theory

EC 982: Topics in Development & Transition
   with James Choy

   Course Materials 2017-2018

EC 9B5: Topics in Economic History and Development

Past Teaching:
British Economic History since 1870
Foundations of Development
   Course Materials 2015-2016

Economic History I: The Great Divergence
   with Stephen Broadberry

Quantitative Methods II
   Course Materials 2015-2016

Economic History II: Money, Finance and Cycles in History
   with Rui Esteves
Causality in Economic History, 2015
    Slides and readings for a lecture in "What Happened and Why?"

Warfare in African History, 2014

   Slides for a Summer School in Economic Growth at the University of Warwick.

Oxford Forum for International Development, IID 2013
    Slides on conflict exposure and political engagement.

University of Michigan, 2013.
    Slides for lectures in graduate and undergraduate economic history.

Environmental History, 2013.
   Slides for a Summer School in Economic Growth at the University of Warwick.

Practical skills, tips and tricks for the academic job search, 2011.
   Slides for a job market workshop for economic history students.
   This was based on material formerly posted online by Dinh Vu Trang Ngan.
Masa Kudamatsu provides several links to valuable advice.
   Essential tips from John Cochrane and
David Levine.
Economic Development in Africa, 2010.
   Slides for
“The Teaching of Africa."
   Christopher Udry usually gives this talk. His slides are here.

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