Oil and ethnic inequality in Nigeria

Linguistic Distance and Market Integration in India
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1807: Economic shocks, conflict and the slave trade
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Polygamy and child mortality: Historical and modern evidence from Nigeria's Igbo

Intra-Household Labor Allocation in Colonial Nigeria
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African polygamy: Past and present
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Climate and the slave trade
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Trees, tenure and conflict: Rubber in colonial Benin

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Revealed preference tests of the Cournot model
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Ecology, trade, and states in pre-colonial Africa

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Does land abundance explain African institutions?
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Partition, migration, and jute cultivation in India
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Land Abundance and Economic Institutions: Egba Land and Slavery, 1830-1914
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Land tenure and investment incentives: Evidence from West Africa
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L'Étranger: Status, property rights, and investment incentives in Cote d'Ivoire
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