with Achyuta Adhvaryu, Gaurav Khanna, and Anant Nyshadham

    Published research:

Polygamy and child mortality: Historical and modern evidence from Nigeria's Igbo
    with Vellore Arthi
, Review of Economics of the Household

Oil and ethnic inequality in Nigeria
    with Igor Zurimendi
    2017Journal of Economic Growth

1807: Economic shocks, conflict and the slave trade
    with Namrata Kala
    2017, Journal of Development Economics

Intra-Household Labor Allocation in Colonial Nigeria
    with Vellore Arthi
, Explorations in Economic History

African polygamy: Past and present
    Web Appendix

    2015, Journal of Development Economics

Climate and the slave trade
    with Namrata Kala
    Web Appendix

2015, Journal of Development Economics

Trees, tenure and conflict: Rubber in colonial Benin
    2014, Journal of Development Economics

The battle for rubber in Benin
    2014, Economic History Review

Ecology, trade, and states in pre-colonial Africa
    Web Appendix

    2014, Journal of the European Economic Association

Imachi nkwu: Trade and the commons
    Sample Case
    2014, Journal of Economic History

Does land abundance explain African institutions?
    Web Appendix, Matches

    2013, Economic Journal

Revealed preference tests of the Cournot model
    with Andrés CarvajalRahul Deb, and John Quah
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"Rubber will not keep in this country": Failed development in Benin, 1897-1921
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Partition, migration, and jute cultivation in India
    with Prashant Bharadwaj

2012, Journal of Development Studies

Land abundance and economic institutions: Egba land and slavery, 1830-1914

Economic History Review

Land tenure and investment incentives: Evidence from West Africa
Web Appendix
, Correction
2011, Journal of Development Economics

Status, property rights, and investment incentives in Cote d'Ivoire

    2010, Land Economics

    Other publications:

    2017, The Long Economic and Political Shadow of History
Literature review
    2014, Journal of Economic History
    Book review

History, historians and development policy: A necessary dialogue
    2012, Economic History Review

    Book review

Property rights in rural West Africa: Causes and consequences
    2011, Journal of Economic History

    Dissertation summary

The causal history of Africa: A response to Hopkins

Economic History of Developing Regions
    Literature review, responding to an article by Hopkins
Comments by Hopkins and Jerven, and my reply.