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emu20k1.tar.bz2    Backup of source code for GPL ALSA Creative X-Fi driver. Work in Progress

icomserial3.tar  Serial port forwarding for icom radios

remserial3.tar Serial port forwarding for icom radios

XFiDrv_Linux_US-1.04.tar.gz  Early beta amd64 XFi driver for linux

vista-cd-test.iso  CD created in Windows Vista, but not readable on Linux.

test-newcam.tar.bz2  a test client for the open source "oscam" using the newcamd protocol. It reads DVB ECM from a file and sends them to "oscam". "oscam" replies with the decrypted code word. The DCW can then be used to decrypt the encrypted DVB stream. "oscam" is an opensource program that helps with communications to the smart card. The smart card is provided by the Cable or Satellite TV company so that one can view pay per view content. oscam cannot reply with DCWs unless it has a valid, legally obtained smart card.

A program to extract ECMs from a DVB file captured from a DVB stream. These can then be used with test-newcam. Once the DCW is retrieved from test-newcam, it can be used by "dc" to decrypt the DVB file.