J. Teachers are connected with other teachers and the community

Artifact 1:  I have been a Cub Scout leader for Pack 3831 in Kohler, WI since September of 2005. I have included artifacts of the training I received as a leader as well as a picture of me and my den at camp last summer which you will find on the welcome page. The training is important, but only shows a fraction of what I have done in scouting. I started with my older son's 1st grade class in 2005 with a group of 14 boys. We held meeting between 2 and 3 times per month and also participated in all the pack activities and camp outings. In September of 2007, I began to help with our younger son's den and I assumed leadership in February 2010. I enjoy scouting because of the development of the boys into young men as they learn about the world and how to be better citizens.

Den Leader Training.JPG

BALOO Training Cert.jpg

Youth Protection Training.JPG

Artifact 2: 

The following is proof of my membership in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. I have been a member since October of 2009. I originally joined while I was taking the Teaching of Math class in order to study the National Core Standards of Mathematics. It is important for all teachers to belong to professional organizations that promote the teaching and advancement of their disciplines. 

NCTM Membership.docx

Artifact 3: I was very fortunate to be selected as a Noyce Scholar in 2010. I attended the 2011 National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Conference in Washington, DC. This was a great opportunity to meet other scholars and also meet people that are at the forefront of education in the United States. It is so very important to realize that we are not alone in education. There is help at the local, state and national level and making connections and being inspired by these individuals can help me be a better teacher for my students and community. 

NOYCE Conference Poster.docx

Artifact 4: Being connected to your students outside of the classroom is important because it can also connect you to their parents and the community. The Sheboygan area has a co-op high school hockey team with students from about 7 different high school participating. One of my students was on the varsity squad and I attended several home games including the game for which I have included the program.

Red Raider Hockey Program.JPG