I. Teachers are able to evaluate themselves

Artifact 1: Setting goals and revisiting them is essential for all teachers. This is my Pre-PDP from Spring of 2011. I had a great experience as a student teacher under Jeff Ristow in the Math Department of South High School in Sheboygan, WI. As a teacher I would reflect on each days lessons to see how i could make them better for the next class and make changes on that day. This PDP will be used as I move forward a

Pre Professional Developmental Plan

Artifact 2: Along with my Pre-PDP, my self evaluation for student teaching was a great tool in self discovery. I wrote this during one of my last weeks of student teaching in June 2011. The exercise itself is as revealing as what you finally edit and put on paper. When a teacher can look inward and is asked to rate themselves, it becomes a battle of how modest or how much you can boast about your accomplishments. Ultimately, i believe we are often our own worst critic and settle on a fair assessment of ourselves. I know I have a lot of work to do to prepare myself for my first teaching assignment. I am looking forward to starting in the New Holstein School District this fall and I know my course work, student teaching and participation in the ACT! program has helped me become prepared. 

Student Teaching Self Reflection 1

Student Teaching Self Reflection 2

Student Teaching Self Reflection 3

Student Teaching Self Reflection 4

Student Teaching Self Reflection 5

Artifact 3: This assignment from the fall of 2010 for EDU300, The Exceptional Child, was a reflection on my experiences with special needs children. It is important for all teachers to review and reflect on their personal and professional beliefs in order to benefit the children we are responsible for educating. We can identify our strengths and weaknesses and make self improvements. 

EDU 300 Reflection on Exceptional Children