H. Teachers know how to test for student progress

Artifact 1: In this assignment from The Teaching of Math from fall of 2009, I wrote a test based on a 7th grade Algebra textbook. The written assignment explains the rationale for the problems, point values and grading criteria. I have also included the test and answer key. This is an example of a summative formal assessment based on the unit from the text. This is one example of the many ways teachers need to test for student progress. 

Teaching of Math assignment

Ch 12 Test Answer Key Page 1.JPG

Ch 12 Test Answer Key Page 2.JPG

Artifact2: I wrote this chapter review and test for the Algebra class for which I was student teaching in May of 2011. I wrote the test based on the lessons I taught for the unit. After that, I wrote the review based on the test. The review was used in class, assigned as homework and then every question was covered with the students. After giving the test, there was one problem that caused a lot of concern for the students and only one student out of 45 got that problem correct. This tells me that this question was not quite right for the test. I had given a fair share of partial credit for this problem, so student's grades were not adversely affected. it is important for teachers to review and edit exams based on what they covered and what was stressed in the class. 

Algebra Chapter 13 Review.docx

Algebra Chapter 13 Quiz.docx

Artifact 3: This assignment from EDU 230 from December of 2010 covered the lesson on assessment. We explored many types of assessments and the use of each in the classroom. we learned about constructing selected response test, multiple choice, and essay tests. We also learned about informal assessments. I used informal assessments most everyday in my student teaching. One of the most valuable was the exit problem. I did not use it at the end of the class, but I used it when students told me they had no questions about a homework assignment. I would hand out a half sheet or scrap paper and give them one problem. They needed to do the problem on their own with no help and hand it in. These were used to check for understanding and not used as part of a grade. It is important for teachers to have great lesson plans but also the flexibility to carve out 5 minutes for an informal assessment.

Ed Pych Essential Concepts on Assessment