E. Teachers know how to manage a classroom

Artifact 1: I worked for Charter Steel in Saukville, WI for over 5 years and Tony Bares was my direct manager for most of those years. I was a software programmer and database administrator working on the key computer systems for the company. Tony highlighted my ability to work with others and direct projects. this is directly related to the ability to work in the classroom. I will be able to provide structure to manage the classroom. 

Recomendation Tony Bares.doc

Artifact 2: Pat Tyunaitis was my supervising teacher from UW-Oshkosh for my student teaching during the Spring semester in 2011. She observed me 4 times and also met with me on several occasions. She notes in her final letter of recommendation that I treat all students with respect, motivate students through interactive lessons, and creates a safe learning environment for my students. 

Pat Rec Form.JPG

Artifact 3: I have included a copy of the classroom expectations that Jeff Ristow used with the classes I student taught during 2011. I will adapt most of these for my own classroom. We made clear the expectations of the students and kept the rules to a minimum, but held our students accountable. The key point is for students to treat everyone with respect. If you give some students a 50 page book on the rules, they will have a 51 page book of their own on how to get around those rules. My students will know that mutual respect will be the foundation of the environment required to learn in my classroom. 

Algebra Syllabus.doc