C. Teachers understand that children learn differently

Artifact 1: This is a mid-term exam for EDU 300, The Exceptional Individual, that I took in the fall of 2010. There were many questions on this exam about Least Restrictive Environments and inclusion concepts and also IDEA. A teacher must look at all of their students and determine how to reach all their students, whether or not they have been labeled or identifies as special education. 

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Artifact 2: This is an assignment for EDU 300, The Exceptional Individual, that I took in the fall of 2010. This assignment digs deeper into special education by discussing the CD or cognitive disabilities that might be identified in students. This lesson highlights the flexibility required when educating students. The goals for students with a CD might be vastly different from a mainstream student. If the goals are different, it follows that the instruction and assessment would be different as well. 


Artifact 3: This is the final evaluation of my student teaching from my cooperating teacher, Jeff Ristow. I spent January to June 2011 with Jeff at South High School in Sheboygan, WI. Jeff makes special mention of how I recognize different abilities in student learning and accounts for this when planning lessons. 

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