B. Teachers know how children grow

Artifact 1: This artifact is a copy of my mid term exam from the fall of 2010 for EDU 230, Educational Psychology. I earned a very good grade on this exam. The questions on this exam cover an experiment about child memory  , reinforcement in learning, morality and IDEA. These are all important topics when discussing how children grow. 

midterm230conklin ‎(3)‎.docx

 Artifact 2: This written assignment was from SEC ED 341, The Teaching of Math, from the fall of 2009. In writing this lesson plan, care was given to tie the objectives to the Wisconsin State Standards and also to NCTM Standards. This lesson refers to creating a hands on project for the students to explore the meaning of prime numbers. 

Jim Conklin Lesson Plan 1 Math 341.docx

Artifact 3: I have been a Cub Scout leader since September 2005 . The Cub Scout organization provides to all its leadership Youth Protection training. This covers working with a large group of children, not your own, to promote safety and Scouting ideals. I have received Youth Protection training, Den leadership training, and Basic Outdoor education training. 

Youth Protection Training.JPG

Den Leader Training.JPG

BALOO Training Cert.jpg