A. Teachers know the subjects they are teaching

Artifact 1: The following is my transcript from UW-Oshkosh showing my completion of The Teaching of Math class with an A-. This class was a key to putting my math knowledge into the classroom. This class was challenging not only for the pedagogy of teaching but also for the math required. I was refreshing my knowledge before, during and after every class. It is important for teachers to challenge themselves to keep a fresh perspective in teaching.  


James Conklin UW-Oshkosh Transcript 06212011.JPG

Artifact 2: The following are scores for Praxis test for Math Content Knowledge and PPST exams  that I took in April of 2010. I passed both tests by a significant margin over the passing scores for the State of Wisconsin for educators. The preparations I made in studying for both of these exams was probably as significant as passing them.


Praxis 2 0061.pdf

Artifact 3: The following is proof of my membership in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. I have been a member since October of 2009. I originally joined while I was taking the Teaching of Math class in order to study the National Core Standards of Mathematics. It is important for all teachers to belong to professional organizations that promote the teaching and advancement of their disciplines. 

NCTM Membership.docx

Artifact 4: The following is an abstract from a session I attended in July 2011 at the NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Conference. This session was about different ways to teach our students about fractions to give them a true understanding of the concept. 

NOYCE Conference 1.5 Fractions.pdf