Cure any reachable chronic severe skeletal muscle numbness, fatigue & PAIN

if applied correctly.

I became an acupuncturist because of suffering from PLANTAR FASCIITIS. I had this unwelcome Plantar Fasciitis cured twice

by applying my own E²/EE Acupuncture techniques, with 5 x 30 minutes, painless insertion of  a single new safe disposal

micro needle (160µmØ x 10mmL)  series of Plantar Fasciitis treatments. No herbs or any medicine needed.

Now I'm pain free and also the happiest man on earth. Thanks to Plantar Fasciitis.

 E²/EE: Eliminates  Excessive Yins/-Toxin/Electrons. In 2005  E² Acupuncture has added a new chapter of modern acupuncture science.

which has been scientifically proven, formulated, verified and even the dispelling of the amount of excessive Yins/-Toxin can be calculated.

Any enquiries please contact,


     What & How got me into acupuncture.

     In 2005, I had suffered 2 years of severe PF, trying all sorts of medical help had failed, and my last option was surgery

  (luckily avoided).  I was sceptical at first and especially of all the observed online negativism's of Acupuncture observed on the

  internet. Then I decided what do I have to lose? pain at last!

  So taking an acupuncturist friend's advice, I underwent Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture treatments,  which

  did improve with less pain felt but unfortunately not a permanent cure. He had kindly gave me a couple of needles for self

  continuation of the treatments by myself. Following the given TCM AcuPoints treatments I didn't seem to be any better.


    So I did a little acupuncture research and selected my own prescription Acupionts to continue the treatments, after a few

  weeks of treatments, my PF pain had all gone!  But after 3 years of hard physical work (2009). PF at same foot came back

  again. I had to start all over again to trace back how did I had the first PF cured. This time all my trials and errors I recorded

  down.  From all those experiments on myself I found I had developed a more scientific and least invasive(zero) form of  TCM

  acupuncture with one very fine needle only and painless insertion techniques which I have called E²(EE)  Acupuncture. Now it

  can cure many if not all reachable skeletal muscle pains.


    Of course with only just 2 of my PFs cured it make me wonder if it was just a coincidence, so I had took up more trials on

  others sufferers.

  In 6 months, E² Acupuncture has cured

  2 sore foot (plantar fasciitis),  with 3 treatments, cured

  1 knee muscle, with 1 treatment, cured

    Not considered coincidental any more after this sciatica trial.

    Sufferer: nurse with 3 years of Sciatica (loc: buttock , 5 inches down, 2 spots). Seeking conv’ medical help had failed.

   With one E² Acupuncture treatment (30th/10/2011), with no rest she continued her normal work.

   12 days after she gave me this feedback:

   "Been feeling the slight tenderness in the area where the needle were inserted. Felt my legs is tired but not the numbness I had

   before.  (50% pain relief, 100% no numbness)

   5 weeks Later (email on 4th/11/2011):

   "Seems to be fine, slight tenderness but definitely better than before"


    Cured by other TCM Acupuncturist but took many treatments, it can be up to 3 -12 months

   3 Sore back. cured

   1 Sore foot(plantar fasciitis), cured.

   And many others etc, ....


   I am thrilled and so encouraged by every treatment with such positive results and have no reason not to belive




Until now most so called scientific discoveries  of  the affects of acupuncture on the physiology of the human body, though of interest,  are not  really convincing to me from the point of view of the technique itself.

For example MRI pictures of brain activities, etc,  may well indicate some second or higher  order results of applying acupuncture, but      using MRI is not by any means the results of applying any new technique in the application of acupuncture, but are  merely  other ways    of noting its possible effects of a technique already  in use some  2,600BC+ years ago.

Also some reports of releasing endorphins and anti-inflammatory agents via the insertion of the needle may be misleading. Here the        inference is that the insertion of a foreign body (the needle) produces a biological reaction  because of its  invasive nature  Here the  needle  releases nothing from itself, zero and promotes no change other than that resulting from  its invasive penetration into the external tissue, one example being  the feeling of some pain and therefore those bio chemical changes which produce it

What we want is the natural phenomenon science facts, the holistic approach, to what really is behind this fine metal needle while it is  retained inside the skeletal tissue.

This, I believe, will allow us to observe the more direct, first order effects of applying the traditional acupuncture techniques which have stood the test of time.

See for example the Yellow Emperor’s medical text  “balancing Yin & Yang energy”.                                                                                   Recorded over  4,610+ years in the  known text. (“Dispel Yins”) or in the modern 1887 Scientific publishing of the so called  negative charge/electrons emissions, such as the  EE/PE effect (Electron Emission/ Photo Electron) which must be in the right environment and conditions to operate.

In that ancient time  Acupuncture and Moxibustion therapeutics involved  traditional cupping(warm)   and also needle manipulation techniques which were then applied in enforcing a more conducive environment for achieving the properties of balancing Yin & Yang.    This proves what a really great scientific achievement  Acupuncture  was  those  4,610+ years ago.

Acupuncture provided a working example of a theory, or philosophical concept put to good practical use

So acupuncture was a result of APPLYING the then known theory of  Yin and Yang which had a PRACTICAL outcome,                                       Ie: a high success rate in its application to healing.

Acupuncture would not have even been attempted then,  had it not been for this prior, pre existing knowledge of Yin and Yang                    Yin and Yang was the crucible in which the science of acupuncture formed and flourished.  Yin and Yang was also the basis of other physical effects , often with the purpose of deliberately UNBALANCING Yin and Yang, but that is outside the scope of this report. 

I should point out that, In the same way, “modern science” has proposed many theories, some of which have practical outcomes, but whose validity can be  very controversial amongst Western physicists who often divide themselves into opposing camps, some members of each camp often berating the other  with the bitterly insulting  language and the tactics of street gang warfare rather than that of reasoned debate.

Here are but a few, very few, of many examples of some controversial Western theories:  String theory; The physical reality of Displacement Current in Electro Magnetic (EM)  theory; The Ether(Dr Essen  the British inventor of the Atomic Clock, was a convincing proponent of the ether); the duality of light (of waves or particles); some basic aspects of the Theory of Relativity;   Until very recently Global Warming was sneered at (and still is in some quarters)

Acupuncture too has its detractors. And so it goes on.

Above picture illustrates a more advanced method than the use Moxibustion & others. So that every treatment can be calculated for a more successful outcome (not a fully predicted outcome though)  The needle technique I use  is sufficient for most skeletal muscle pain and offers more advantages than Moxibustion.

Ie: less restrictive of movement.  Thus one can be comfortably having a cup of  tea/coffee while undergoing  treatment.

With this more advanced approach, which I call E² Acupuncture therapy, I am interested in investigating and researching its possible future application in other areas, such as Skeletal Muscle Cancer, and other debilitating diseases and conditions of the human body such as  Parkinson, etc, .

To this end I have every hope of obtaining the assistance and advice of a fully qualified M.D. in both collating data in a proper scientific manner and providing other input in the future.  (OEM: James Chong (CACMS), © Copyright 2011)



  TCM Acupuncture has a history of natural and rich scientific facts for cure

   Language barriers, better interpretation for better science.

 , pronounce zhen liao, means Acupuncture therapy, Dry needle (new to me).

 , jiu liao, means  Moxibustion therapy.

 , zhen jiu (above both combined), means Acupuncture and Moxibustion therapies or AcuMoxiPuncture (short)

   AcuMoxiPuncture  normally for cooler region to achieve effective healing. Temperature is the mean factor to promote blood                                                               circulation. It will be used if individual’s Meridians path is cold even in warm region,

   Acupuncture therapy in cool region will take longer to heal.

   Moxibustion  therapy just an environmental enforcement (temperature) for Acupuncture therapy

Yin  Yang

  What is Yin Yang (阴阳)?

  Let me provide you a better understanding, natural history and meaning  of some Chinese words.

  for instance, _|  and  ☼|_,  these two graphical images of Yin Yang. It later evolved to  阴阳 or  陰陽 (Simplified or            Traditional Chinese writing)

 From |_ to and |☼ to .  The following transformations and meaning of A, B and C Chinese etymology


    A)    Wall, strong, stronger, strongest and better characteristic.

    B)    Shadow/shaded/darkness,  Moon/night time, less moon light, better characteristic

    C)    Sunny day, simplified, . . Chinese words preferred a consistency of rectangular pattern. 

  (A & B together) Yin means  Sun has gone over the wall, no more light.

  (A & C together) Yang means sunny over this side of the wall.

  What is Yin Yang in term of science? 

  It can be many things, etc, .  Depend what you are applying.                                                                                          For atomic science, is the negative and positive force/energy of electron(s) and nucleus respectively.                            As for a nucleus it is neutron and proton.

   No Yin Yang  (no electron and nucleus), . No physics scientist, television to watch.

  .......  (no wife and husband ), you wouldn’t be here.

  .......  (no moon and sun), universe not exist.

  .......  Etc, ..

           What happen if the earth without the sun?  “YIN YIN all the way

    Can you remember this most valuable etymology of Yin Yang (阴阳)You should now.

Scientific Facts

     There are three natural occurrences for each “needling” in Acupuncture therapy.

      1) Dispel Yins (insert/retain).   化阴 "Huà Yin"

      2) Arrival of Qi & Blood (withdraw).  得气 "De Qi"

      3) Determine basic health (after withdraw). What/How...???   血康  "Xuè  Kāng" 


1) Dispel Yins 


     Remove negative energy/toxin. In science Discharge electrons,  proven by western science theory,  EE/PE effect in 1887
     by Heinrich Hertz and by Dispel Yins in 2600BC+ even before.

    Let’s talk western science. How to achieve the effectiveness of discharge electrons (Dispel Yins) and proves.

    1) Material (Metal needle, make sure the whole needle is not insulated)                                                                                                         prove: Power line, etc, . .

    2) Temperature. (Moxibustion, Traditional warmed cupping and massage)                                                                                                         prove: A little heater (Moxibustion) under the cathode of  electron gun (needle dispel Yins) inside the CRT,                                           which let you watch TV.

    3) Friction. (Lifting and thrusting & Twirling or rotating of needle and massage) Thus Increasing atomic forces / potentials between                                 molecular ‘elements’                                                                                                                                                                                                                     prove: After a long drive, driver get shock when get out the car’s door.

    4) Selective EMR. (Bright daylight)                                                                                                                                                                  prove: Solar cell, etc, .

    5) Others, . . all in science facts  and its natural phenomenon term. The amount of Electricity discharged can be calculated.

      How about I have my Plantar Fasciitis Cured twice and others, .  . By my own E² Acupuncture.

    Email me if you want more.         Funds or donations please.

    Excessive –Energy (Yin) inside the body is harmful and deadly. Especially when electrons jam up  and accumulate into a        small area spot. Medical data has shown, especially children live close to high power line or nuclear plant, has the highest        rate of leukemia and other illness.

    TCM and E² Acupuncture can only remove the Excessive –Energy. Nothing else, there is no known alteration to any                molecular structure. (maybe at the sub atomic level, but we don’t know that yet)  Consequently for better health by means of     restoring the molecules normal functions (Yin Yang in balance) without the external –Energy interfering. So that                        communication signals with brain gradually improve and pain can be ease off.

    Can –Energy be completely removed?  No, definitely not with TCM or E² Acupuncture.

    As Electro-Acupuncture therapy beside the additional pulse of current, it's EE effect remain unchanged which can be very        helpful to treat movement disorder diseases. Do we need Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) if one day acupuncture science can        locate the acupoints for the faulty nerves (remember the frog's leg kicking theory).

    Applying incorrect electricity level and others will cause molecular structure changes,  such H²O to 2H + O, etc, . .                    Can this harmful to body's health ???. Please provide funds or donations to prove it.

    Has the injection of steroids,  key-hole and cut open, trim & patch surgery really fixed the muscular/fibromyalgia pain or        was it simply due to the excessive negative energy being discharged, when the sore tissue has exposed or came into contact     with a conducting path either with the metal needle or anything else?. “Just guessing

    1) E² Acupuncture, one needle micro hole surgery, no rest, no drug, no blood, least (zero) side effects and fast healing

    2) Steroids injection, mini hole surgery, pain killers, rest, dangers, severe pain/nerves/others side effects,  Healing rate ?

    3) Key holes surgery, local anesthetic, pain killers, more rest and post surgery effects, . . Healing rate ?

    4) Cut open, trim & patch, general/local anesthetic, pain killers, more rest and post surgery effects, .  Healing rate?

    How about the cost?  Your Choice.


     May I ask what is PAIN in science?  

    What is the real interpretation of pain? “Inflammations”.

    That’s all I can find, which has no scientific fact, scale, measurement unit and is not and so far connot be  standardized            through out  medical practice.

    What is the natural phenomenon science fact behind this inflammation that  provides the brain with the sensation     of  pain,?

     1) Electricity signals due to HOEE or HOEY (Hyperactivity of excessive electrons/Yins.)

     2) Chemistry reaction due to heat,

     3) Both

     4) Others   ?


2) Arrival of Qi & Blood 


    What is arrival of Qi & Blood ( : De Qi/Chi/Chee)?

  (De) means receive / arrive / got it / to obtain.

  or (Qi/Chi/Chee) means  air / breath / gas / vapor / the atmosphere / spirit / anger / influence / weather.

    (xuè) Blood ( mò) circulation / pulse / relationship, . .

      arrival of Qi and Blood or obtain Qi and Blood (得与血脉)


     : Qi, Airis invisible, powerful and essential living energy, which determine our body’s death(yin) or live(yang)

                                            Another word saying, every cell in the body can't live without it.

     Thousands years ago, ancient TCM, physicians already knew how to differential what is healthy and unhealthy blood by it’s

     viscosity and colour, reddish/live & dark/death respectively. They even knew how to use the blood DNA for biological father.

     Consequently “Qi & Xuè” (Air & Blood) is referred to the blood with fresh air (oxygenated blood).

     Intake of the quality and the level of oxygen in the air together with the nutrients of the blood/fluid will be a very important role

     for the health of our body.

     Even the oxygen itself can help to eliminate many common diseases and promote healthy tissue’s cells growth. As result of this,

     the Chinese just use the word “Qi or De Qi” in reference to this phenomenon.

     In first order come Qi, then blood and others, another way of saying this is that no air will lead to no “living” blood for the body.

 : De Qi, "Arrival of Qi & Blood"  At any situation, when someone is not breathing, CPR will be performed.

                                                  Why? It just to provide air into the  lungs (The lungs had received Air. in Chinese “De Qi”) and hopefully

     brings life back. So as at  every acupoint and make sure  "De Qi" has to be achieved to eliminates diseases and promote healthy

     tissue’s cells growth for effectively healing.

  Since ancient, the only two methods of acquiring “De Qi” require Lifting, Thrusting and Twirling or Rotation of the needle. Both

    methods mentioned employ scientific principles to produce the required effect, hydrodynamic drag and friction being the

    two most relevant.

    i)   Lifting and Thrusting (hydrodynamic drag) why?

    ii) Twirling or Rotation (friction) how & why?

    More coming, . .

Determine basic health


  How to Determine basic health ?

    This discovery is not found in any TCM study, . .

Acupoints & Meridians


     AcuPoints (穴位 xué wèi) :

    Local/Ashi Points are also called “unfixed, re-flexing or tender spots points”  can be found in Chapter 13 of Miraculous Pivot

    (Lingshu Jing medical text). Another word saying, every part on our body can be subjected as an acupoint mainly use to 

    treating muscular pain syndromes. As a matter of facts, every acupoint is part of TCM Acupuncture treatment.

    It always made me wonder and confuse how the West came out with Sham and other points which split the

    TCM Acupuncture therapeutic into two groups, TCM and Sham, fake, randomly or others Acupuncture.

   Meridians  (12 + 2  经络  jīngluò):

    Acupoints for the 12 regular + 2(CV & GV) meridians,  have total of 309 + 52(361) points for each side and 618+52(670) in total for            both sides of our body,

     More coming , . .


  Treatment of Common Chronic Diseases with TCM Acupuncture:

    1. Headache                 2. Common cold             3. Cough                                      4. Asthma                                      5. Epigastric pain           

    6. Vomiting                   7. Abdominal pain         8. Diarrhea                                   9. Constipation                            10. Hypochondriac pain

   11. Insomnia                12. Impotence                13. Dizziness                               14. Essential Hypertension          15. Spasmodic pain (face)

   16. Facial paralysis     17. Sciatica                     18. Periarthritis of Shoulder      19. Lumbago                              

   20. Menstruation  (Irregular 21. Dysmenorrhea  22. Amenorrhea)                  23. Leukorrhagia                            24. Sprain

   25. Elbow strain           26. Thecal cyst              27. Tinnitus and deafness       28. Myopia   29. Toothache          30.  Sore throat


     Beware of misleading statements, .  .

    Cupping, Moxibustion, Light Devices and Non Needle therapies, claim they have the same acupuncture                   therapeutic effect. No, they do not.    An acupuncture metal needle can conduct electricity and discharge                  electrons.  In other words they're claiming the EMR beam can conduct electricity and discharge electrons at low  levels                    in the body.   This is  unconvincing natural phenomenon science. Most importantly no "De Qi" has achieved.

    Any low energy EMR (long wavelength), can never split any molecule into individual atom. Our body  is not made     of tree leaves and no tissue oxygenation taken place when exposed to light. Else we will not need any plants or     trees to help the green  house effects also we do not need to pay carbon tax.

    Although they have its own scientific terms, it doesn't mean that the treatment can't be produced positive results       and even cure.