James Chau spoke at the Beijing Foreign Studies University 

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on 8th December,2006





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Star of Outlook English Talent Competion 

Attended as Judge of Junior High School Students onCCTV-10 

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Rotary Club of Shanghai Gala Dinner Celebration 31 May,2006 From yu-sai kan's blog 17:00:44



20 May, 2006 

Shanghai's Source for Entertainment and Arts - first person 


Online Interview with James Chau and the World Insight team  


27 May,2005 cctv.com






The British School of Beijing

Secondary News

Secondary School students have settled back into the main curriculum this week, after reviewing their answers in last week’s mid-year exams.

 On Thursday James Chau (from CCTV Channel 9) came and shared his experiences with the Secondary students.  This was a ‘Question and Answer’ session, and afterwards James commented that he was amazed at the high quality of the questions asked by the students.

 As part of the Book Week activities, the students are getting ready to dress up as their book favourite character next Wednesday, before hitting the ski slopes on Thursday and Friday.  
17th February 2006   Term 2 Newsletter no.  5


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Channel highlights from Beijing Weekend

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We recorded them all.See the complete introduction about James from CCTV.COM here