At the Beijing Foreign Studies University...

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A passionate lecture,isn't it?


Ah,I see.

He was showing us the pictures!


Look at the clock!

It was about 7:40 p.m. 







Which one is James? 

Find him?

I guess the picture in this picture is secretly taken... 











You can also see the image shown in this one on his official website.














Are  you included?














One after one,one after one...

So many new friends.

It seems no one hides their happiness when they were about to get the signature.

James must be tired.But his tiredness contributed to other's happiness!

Who will think he is ego?


Was it cold there?

James likes it cold.

As we can see,others wore more than James did!

Maybe it's for the need of the lecture.

I heard how it was like,today I see it!



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