James Chu Fans Club  once titled CCTV James Chau,it was contributed to James Chau.


First published on 8th June,2006.


You can go to links related to James,including fans discussion groups,those was sponsored by well-known portal sites and search engines.


James Chau Fan Club is non-commercial.


It is built for those who is interested in James Chau and made for the easy access to all James Chau-related sites.


And what are these? 


Dance to World's Tone

You can find James on TV,reporting world news,or hosting World Insight program.

Host,as we know,presents TV program and keep us informed.

Then dance to the world's rhythm,dance to world's tone,keep up with the world latest news,features,Chinese analysis on global issues.

We'd like to know what's happening in the

 world,and happy to know about James


Fans Can Talk

We surely can talk!

This title comes from his old e-mail address which is jamescantalk at *.com 

So join the fans chatrooms and have your say,also you can get his latest news and fans' reactions.

Fans Talked

Archive for the fans talks.

We value the shared moments.


.Discover j-Tones

Surely,it's not i-Tunes.

We selected interesting comments about James Chau from fans chatrooms and published in this section. 




*Before the Spring Festival in 2007,saw the relaunching of our homepage.

Pictures on the right show the old homepage of fan club website.