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Thank you for coming to my Poetry Page.

Thank you to the literary journal Ovunque Siamo for bestowing me a FIFTH Pushcart Prize nomination for the poem “Snapshot,” which takes you from Italy to France to Ireland. It's posted online at: https://ovunquesiamoweb.wordpress.com/archive/current-issue-vol-l-issue-6/jame-nicol/

Thank you to The Transnational for publishing my poem "Elegy" in English and German: https://www.the-transnational.com/, https://www.the-transnational.com/deutsch/

Thank you to The Literary Hatchet, a print journal out of Fall River, Massachusetts, for publishing a whopping 41 of my poems over the last decade. I have work appearing in the following issues, which you can buy, read online, or download .pdfs (free!) at: https://lizzieandrewborden.com/HatchetOnline/LiteraryHatchet/issues.htm

Issue 9 (two poems: "In a Row," p. 47; "frostbite #10: Crash Cars," p. 62)

Issue 10 (two poems: "Danger" on p. 95 and "Saturdays" on p.  165—misidentified in the table of contents, so don't miss it)

Issue 11 (four poems: "A Certain Disposition," p. 63; "Snow Man," p. 67; "Gravity," p. 82; "Paper #3," p. 84)

Issue 12 “Storm,” p. 163

Issue 13 (four poems: "Two Gifts," p. 130; "Shadows 2," p. 131; "Two Birds," p. 147; "A History of Want," p. 158)

Issue 15 (six poems: "Analysis," p. 31; "Condolences," p. 72; "Development," p. 99; "Confusion 2," p. 114; "Duck," p. 127; "The Furnace and the Garden," p. 128)

Issue 16 (two poems: [Technology and industry], p. 79; “Extraordinary Measures," p. 83)

Issue 17 (nine poems: "Hell," p. 23; "Product," p. 65; "I Wish It Were," p. 75; "Proposition," p. 82; "Glinda," p. 91; "Litany," p. 104; [Sea Going], p. 139; "Circus People," p. 168; "Horse Man," p. 191)

Issue 18 (six poems: "Past Perfect," p. 23; "Words," p. 34; "Writers and Readers," p. 58; "Role Models," p. 95; "Smudge," p. 138; "Cleanser," p. 157)

Issue 21 (four poems: "Out with Bacchus," p. 83; "Religion 2: Not to Say," p. 100; "Love Again," p. 107; "My Love's a Bottle," p. 113)

Thank you to Deronda Review for publishing eighteen of my poems over the years. Some are available in .pdf or .html versions, which you can download or click open individually at: http://www.derondareview.org (“current issue” or “archives” buttons)

Five poems ("Campus," "Condominium," "Gray 2," "Star Set," and "Spheres") appear in vol 7 no 2., pp. 33, 34, 36, 42, 43 (not posted on-line for the general public yet, but you can buy this issue)

"David" appears in vol. 6 no. 2, p. 18

Three poems ("Water Lilies 1," "Ollie," and "Light") appear in vol. 5 no. 2  on p. 5 and (two poems on) p. 12

"Across" appears in vol. 5 no. 1, p. 8

Two poems ("Curio," and "Which is your god") appear in vol. 7 no. 1, pp. 26 and 41

Other poems have appeared in print only so far. Before 2006 The Deronda Review was called The Neovictorian/ Cochlea


Thank you to the on-line literary journal Ginosko for publishing ten poems of mine starting on p. 218, at:

http://www.ginoskoliteraryjournal.com/images/ginosko21.pdf. They are titled: At Binghamton, Father and Son, The Invention of Number, Islands, Leavings, The Moment in a Service, Reading #1: Passage of Wisdom, Schism, Adulthood, and Prejudice. "Ginosko" means "attainment of knowledge, realization, or truth from experience."

Thank you to riverbabble for publishing nine of my poems over the years. They are:


"skunk" at: http://iceflow.com/riverbabble/issue33/P-33-NICOLA.HTML

"The Quality of Paper" at: http://iceflow.com/riverbabble/issue32/P-32-NICOLA.HTML

"Nursery" at: http://iceflow.com/riverbabble/issue32/P-32-NICOLA2.HTML

"When the Pebbles Moved, ” at: http://iceflow.com/riverbabble/issue31/P-31-NICOLA.HTML

"Balloon, ” at: http://iceflow.com/riverbabble/issue30/P-NICOLA-30.HTML

"Causeways, ” at: http://iceflow.com/riverbabble/issue29/P-NICOLA-29.HTML

"Menhir, ” at: http://iceflow.com/riverbabble/issue28/P-28-NICOLA.HTML

“Trap House, ” at: http://iceflow.com/riverbabble/issue25/P-25-NICOLA.HTML

"Puddle in the Parkway, ” at: http://www.iceflow.com/riverbabble/issue24/POETRY-NICOLA-24.HTML

Thank you to the folks at miller's pond, an on-line literary journal, where I have had eight poems published over the years, as well as a review of my first book, Manhattan Plaza. http://www.millerspondpoetry.com/index.php/issues/web_editions1


The poem "The Tipping Point" can be found at: http://www.millerspondpoetry.com/index.php/issues/index.php?page=vol21web1#James%20B.%20Nicola

"Library " is at: http://www.millerspondpoetry.com/index.php/issues/index.php?page=vol20web2#James%20B.%20Nicola

"Spite 2" and "Overcast" are at: http://www.millerspondpoetry.com/index.php/issues/index.php?page=vol18web3#James%20B.%20Nicola

"The Shade Tree" and "Found the One" are at:


"Over Reach" is at: http://www.millerspondpoetry.com/index.php/issues/web_editions1/vol-15-19/vol20web1/vol19web3-3#James%20B.%20Nicola

"When you read" is at: http://www.millerspondpoetry.com/index.php/issues/index.php?page=vol-16-web2a but you’ll have to scroll down from where this takes you in order to find it

Thank you to Jellyfish Whispers, an on-line journal, for publishing three of my poems at http://www.jellyfishwhispers.com/ in their July 2, 2018 issue. They are: "The Ceiling Slathers"; "A Sandy Beach"; and "The Moon, Still."



to the Willow Review for bestowing my brand new poem "Beholding Boldly" their WILLOW REVIEW AWARD.

to Shantih Journal for publishing my poem "Iraq" in issue 3.1  which you can download at


to Convergence for publishing my poem "Two Constructs of Love" which you can see at:


The first customer review is IN about Wind in the Cave. Read it at 


and then feel free to add some words of your own.

An interview with me, discussing my latest book,
Wind in the Cave, was just posted at 


A longer interview is available here:

where I talk about theater as well as poetry, and how they feed each other.

I am the featured poet in the current issue of Westward Quarterly. It's a print magazine, but you can check it out at


Meanwhile, I have also just been nominated for a third Pushcart Prize. . . . and a fourth!

The third time, I was nominated by Shot Glass Journal. Here is the poem in question, called "Basket" : 


The fourth nomination is from Trinacria, a print journal that has nominated me in the past. An abbreviated version of every issue of Trinacria can be viewed at:


It's worth checking out.

Finally, you can find five poems of mine in the current issue (v. VII no. 2, 2018) of the Deronda Review, available on-line as a .pdf or just to read on-line at


And in case you missed it on Valentine's Day, a special love poem of mine called "Anniversary" is at: 


Too see video of me performing my poetry, or in live interviews, check the links at the video page! 


Other recently posted poems

I have been published many times on literary websites, and also in regular journals that also post on-line. Here is the beginning of that sample for your reading pleasure.

Please support these journals and literary websites.

All these poems of course are copyright by James B. Nicola.

Other poems archived online:

"A Scientific Mind"-- go to pcsj.org/2016CaesuraBronzeEdition
and either scroll down till you find me, or use CNTRL+F (for "find") and type in Nicola to find the poem

Three poems and a review of Kirby Olson's Christmas at Rockefeller Center at:










Here are just a few of the posts from the past (more to come):

Five poems at the New Formalist, where I was featured poet for a month, at


“The Gate” at http://www.cortlandreview.com/issue/35/nicola.html#1

“The Last of Winter” at http://www.cortlandreview.com/issue/41/nicola.html

“Traces” “When” and “Book” at http://www.lochravenreview.net/2011Spring/nicola.html

“Washed Up” and “Miss Lee” at http://www.lochravenreview.net/2009Winter/nicola.html

The round world, squashed a little at the poles” and “After” at


“Frostbite #3: Exhaustion” and “potter putter putz” at


"A shoe drops" and "I met a traveler from a modern land" at


"Lust," a sonnet, at http://www.shattercolors.com/poetry/nicola_lust.htm

"Ties that Bind," at http://www.shattercolors.com/poetry/nicola_ties.htm

"Values," a sonnet, at http://www.shattercolors.com/poetry/nicola_values.htm

"Kitten" and "Friend" (a common-meter sonnet) at


"Fiasco" (scroll down) at http://marathonlitreview.com/?s=fiasco

"Rows" (a ballad) at http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/rcr/summary/v045/45.nicola.html

"The Uses of Spite" at http://www.2river.org/2RView/17_1/poems/_nicola.html where you will hear me reading aloud, too

"The Process of Water" at http://gumbopress.co.uk/wordgumbo/wordgumbo5.pdf scroll to page 33 for my particular poem, but do check out all the others.

"Exit Signs" and "Exile" at http://www.poeticmatrixpress.com/letteRon-line6/L6Page2.html

"Fanfare" at http://www.foliateoak.com/james-b-nicola.html

For two 3-line poems ("even" and "I've rained enough") flip the right arrow you find at the below link until you get to the contents, then click on my name at http://www.amazon.co.uk/delinquent-issue-17-Jeremy-Quinn-ebook/dp/B007W3QCOQ#reader_B007W3QCOQ

"Pane" at http://snakeskinpoetry.wordpress.com/2011/02/24/mistakes/

"I have a yellow umbrella" at http://ghll.truman.edu/ghll24/GHLL%20xxiv%20poetry/Nicola%20I%20Have%20a%20Yellow%20Umbrella.html

"Water Lilies," "Light," and "Ollie" (scroll down or use search frame--CTRL + F--to find them) at


"April" on 12th page of the .pdf (labeled as page 16) at http://www.trinacriapoetry.com/trinacria10.pdf

"Grumblings" (scroll down to the first poem in the issue, p. 4) at promptlitmag.org/the_prompt_volume1_number1.pdf

Four poems if you click on "Free Download" and then advance to page 23 at


"A Brilliant Ice" if you scroll down to page 16 at


"Purple Orange" and "The Bounds of Gratitude" if you click Poetry III and then scroll down at


"Our moon in her orbit" at http://www.bigcitylit.com/fall2012/poetry/poetry.php?page=nicola

"Mother & Son" at http://www.stickmanreview.com/V11N2/v11n2contents/Nicola1.html

"Allegory" at http://pennreview.com/2011/08/allegory/

"Camping Out" at http://pennreview.com/2011/07/camping-out/

"Diction" at http://www.nowculture.com/movies/nicola1.htm

Enjoy the read!


--James B.

James B. Nicola,
Apr 5, 2017, 7:45 AM