James B. Nicola

stage director, composer, lyricist, acting coach,
and now. . .

. . . POET!

Announcing: Wind in the Cave, my third poetry collection, coming out from Finishing Line Press this November! But the pre-publishing period has started: You can order a copy directly from the publisher with a special discounted shipping rate  through September 22. Click the following link:

Or email me (nicolajamesb@juno.com) and I can send you a publisher's form to order it by mail.

Meanwhile: Stage to Page: Poems from the Theater is still available. See the "Stage to Page" page by looking to the right and clicking there.

Manhattan Plaza is the story of New York City, the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, and the performing arts community—in verse.

My first book was non-fiction, called Playing the Audience. It won a CHOICE magazine award.

For how to get an autographed copy of any of these three books, click on the "Order Information" page. Wind in the Cave is only available from the publisher at the moment. Release date: November 17, 2018.

Meanwhile I am thrilled to announce a new workshop I am offering to libraries, schools, and festivals everywhere. The first was presented in Lancaster Mass. (the oldest town in Worcester County) in October 2017 and was a rousing success:

Suspense on Stage and Page

How do you keep an audience riveted throughout your poem, song, or play? How do you keep a reader turning the pages of your novel or short story? How do you make your memoir not merely an account, but an adventure? 

James B. Nicola's workshop Suspense on Stage and Page is designed for writers of all genres—drama, poetry, song, memoir and essay. It looks at how some of the greats have created suspense not only with plot and character development, but through devices like word choice, repetition, tension and conflict, mystery, danger, voice, wonder, nuance, and restraint. Exercises will involve participants as performers and audience as well as authors. This workshop will also prove helpful, maybe even essential, to all performers, directors, and lovers of literature who want to get the most out of their experience as writers, readers, or audience. All you need bring is pen and paper, an inquisitive creativity, and an adventurous spirit.  In other words, come ready to play—and to write!

Drop me a line for more info at nicolajamesb at juno dot com.

Hope to see you soon.
James B.