James B. Nicola

stage director, composer, lyricist, acting coach,
and now .
 . . POET!

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Review Excerpts

 Out of Nothing: Poems of Art and Artists (2018, $34.95)

[In] Out of Nothing, we truly have an extraordinary book: the sort of book you want to have in your collection, fabulous production values, stacked full with wonderful images of art... and with the poems to complement the images.... [T]his really is as good as it gets:... tremendous power, insight and existential tension of the first order.... The whole thing is a joy to have, hold and read.

—James Sale, Society of Classical Poets

[Nicola's] poetry is as alive as a performance.... extraordinary journeys... a keen, questing intelligence... exciting, tantalizing, and never boring... a lived experience, not a mere intellectual exercise... an easy and unabashed conversation with the spirit that animates art.

—B Amore, VIA

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Wind in the Cave

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Wind in the Cave ... is a book of “electrical entertainments / smoldering anguishes / excruciating delights.” Nicola revels in the language of spurned, imagined, and reciprocated love, unflinchingly baring his heart.... But what I really enjoyed was Nicola’s ability to accurately describe the awkward moments in relationships that so many of us have experienced.... truly pleasurable poetry.... I admire artists who speak from the heart, and Nicola does this throughout  Wind in the Cave. It’s all there; jealousies, rivalries, heartache, and bliss. I encourage you to spend some time in the bloody interior of this poet’s heart.

—Benjamin Schmitt, At the Inkwell

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