University / College Students

Many of my clients are University/College students. A variety of issues bring students to a decision to consider psychotherapy. Common problems are depression, anxiety, relationship issues, addictions and vocational questions. I have adult children of my own including a son who graduated from UCSC twenty-five years ago. I recognize the struggles that students sometimes have and I very much like working with students.
In addition to assisting with painful psychological issues I also like to help students understand themselves in terms of their basic personality and what is called "temperament". This is a very useful tool to help throughout life navigating issues in work and in personal relationships. This is a separate issue from mental health problems but is a a very useful additional perspective I offer.

Unfortunately, as I indicate in the "Fees/Insurance" portion of this website, the university student health insurance (Anthem Blue Cross) requires me to take about a 40% discount to be on their panel of preferred providers. Therefore, at any given time,  I only accept a limited number of students covered by this insurance.