I am the Henry and Bertha Kressel Professor of Economics at Yeshiva University, and also serve as department chair.  Prior to that I was a Vice President in the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and before that, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Rochester.  I have also taught at The University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), New York University (Stern School of Business), Yale, and Columbia.

I came to Yeshiva in 2009 with the task of building a research-oriented department.  In the subsequent five years, seven new tenure-track faculty were hired; only one remains from before I arrived.  We also started a new Masters in Quantitative Economics program, beginning in 2012.

My research interests have been in two broad areas:
  • Macroeconomic volatility: The Great Moderation, inventory dynamics, durable goods manufacturing, housing markets.
  • Productivity growth: Detecting changes in trend productivity, understanding sources of technological progress, the implications of changes in trend growth--for example on the prices of assets such as housing.
I have been teaching courses in Macroeconomics and in Money & Banking, as well as a seminar on the financial crisis.