Jamaican Goat Farmers Association


(a)    To make Jamaica the primary source of quality goats and goat meat
         (chevon) production in the Caribbean;

(b)   To develop the efficient goat farming system that will provide support for             goat farmers all across Jamaica;

(c)    To develop the competencies of farmers in various aspect of goat                     production;

(d)   To maximize the production and marketing of chevon, milk and other                 by-products;

(e)   To improve the breeding stock, meat and milk  products and  other by                by-products;

(f)     To increase the earning potential of members of the Association;

(g)    To import breeding stock for members of the Association;

(h)   To develop industry  development plans for the sub-sector annually;

(i)     To liaise with Government and non profit organizations to enhance and                 protect the interest of the members (organization/subsector);