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Trends in Language Teaching
International Conference 2018
December 21 - 23

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December 22 (Saturday) 10:00am - 5:00pm
University of the Ryukyus

Lecture on the Culture & History of the Ryukyus
Professor Emeritus Tony Jenkins

Keynote Speakers:
David Beglar 
Temple University, Japan

+ Poster Presentations


University of the Ryukyus

We are very pleased to confirm that the Trends in Language Teaching 2018 conference will be held at the University of the Ryukyus from December 21-23.  The main conference presentations will be held on December 22. A networking event will be held on December 21 and a cultural workshop will be held on December 23.  Currently, there are over 20 presenters who will make poster presentations this year. We are happy to welcome several overseas scholars who will be joining as well as many scholars from mainland Japan and Okinawa as well. 

There will be a cultural and historical lecture and walking tour conducted by Professor Emeritus Tony Jenkins on December 23 from 10am.  Afterwards, we will have lunch at a restaurant nearby. Details concerning the networking event will be provided to participants later. 

We will feature Temple University's distinguished professor David Beglar as a keynote speaker.

Image result for david beglar temple university

The conference will also feature poster presentations--over 20 in total. There will be a post-conference publication published in OTB Forum. The length of the poster sessions will be based on the number of participants, although it will likely be 60 minutes.

Proposals will be accepted until Friday, December 14.

Location:  University of the Ryukyus

Registration Fee:

Participants & Students: FREE
Okinawa JALT presenters: ¥1,000
Other JALT presenters: ¥3,000
Non-member presenters: ¥5,000

We are delighted to host the "Trends in Language Teaching Conference" and welcome the many scholars who have traveled great distances to share their knowledge and insight with us.  The selection process for each of the presenters was thorough and strict, ensuring only the best of the best. 

The TLT Conference is a groundbreaking and historical event for Okinawa JALT. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of the volunteers and the new team of officers who have been working 24/7 to help create and promote an atmosphere of learning, sharing, and professional development. We would also like to thank the many presenters who will be joining us for the conference. We are looking forward to many interesting and insightful presentations from everyone. 

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Conference Schedule (Saturday)

10:00    Registration
10:30    Opening Ceremony
10:50    Keynote Speaker (TBA)
11:30   Break
12:40    Poster Presentations
13:40    Keynote Speaker (TBA)
16:20    Closing Ceremony

Conference Organizers

George MacLean
Tokuyu Uza
Norman Fewell
Justin Foster-Sutherland
Nadine Richard
Grant Osterman
Adam Murray

Past Keynotes 

Tomoko Yashima, Kansai University    
Rab Paterson, Toyo University
Andrew Meyerhoff, Saga University
Andy Boon, Toyo Gakuen University    
David Kluge, Nanzan University            
Jim Elwood, Meiji University
Andrew Meyerhoff, Saga University

Past Presentations 

Role Playing

Inspire Your Students

Short-Term Overseas Study

Project Adventure: An Overview

iLiterate: Multiliteracies and the iPad

Student Beliefs in Language Learning

English for Sport Instruction & Coaching

Communication Repair: If It's Broken, Fix It! 

Extensive Reading Gamification with Badges

Overcoming Barriers to Acquire Listening Skills 

Encourage Active Participation with Answer Paddles

Incorporating Media Literacy into your EFL classroom

Suprasegmental Instruction: Pausing and Intelligiblity 

Seeing is Believing: The Mechanics of Sound Production 

Introducing Medical Terminology to EFL Nursing Students 

How to Teach English Pronunciation using Useful Websites

Student Perceptions of Medical English Curricula: A Survey 

University Students' Anxiety towards English Language Study

Sharing Responsibility: Self Assessment and Self Evaluation 

Social Behavior and Interaction: Okinawans in South America 

The Influence of Interrogatives in Written Corrective Feedback

Mobile Learning: Using Tablets in University English Writing Classes

iPads and the Learning by Design Knowledge Processes Framework 

The Colour of English: Using Colour to Stimulate Language Learning

Learning in Context: A Self-development Approach to Presentation Skills 

Language learning incorporated in global human resource development program

Pre-enactment and the Use of Physical Artifacts in Pre-class Planning Discussions

Employing Narrative Frames for Needs Analysis: The Case of a Newly-Hired Teacher 

Music and Language Teaching: Affordances and Constraints of the Digital Work Station

The Graphic Organizer Textbook Approach: A Learner-centered Approach to  Reading

Using Padlet in the Classroom

A Presentation Need Not Be A Trial

Sprucing up your "assigned" textbook

Apps Useful for Classroom Management

Student perspectives on explicit circumlocution training

Poster debates: structured critical thinking for low-level learners

Teaching Strategic Communication through Social Media Experiments

Lateral Thinking Puzzles: Strengthening language, creativity, and reasoning skills

Multiliteracies Pedagogy: Developing Vocabulary through Song Lyrics and Images

Classroom Management Issues and Pastoral Care in Freshman University Courses

Organizing and Grouping Students in the Classroom: task-based activities 

Novel Study with Digital Supports

First Impressions of False Models

Preparing Students for a Debate Festival

First Semester Orientation and Survival Skills

English in Indonesian Schools: issues and challenges

Student Digital Literacy: A Study Using PDF Files for Reading

Creating Music Videos in a Project-Based Language Classroom

Hong Kong Primary School Pupils’ Perceptions of English Learning

The Impact of Classroom English on Student Attitudes and Behavior

Perspectives on online collaborative L2 writing and communication

Out-of-class Conversation Recording Using Smartphones: Four Years in

Use of "Skype Online English Conversation" for intermediate-level students

A Study of Mathematics Communication Using Roman Jakobson’s Communicative Model

Interaction During Peer Discussions: Conversation Analytic of Task-Based Language Learning

Blended Learning: Reflection on Experiences in Designing and Implementing eLearning Materials

Capitalizing on the Strengths and Complementing the Weaknesses of Native and Non-Native English Speaking Teachers

The Development of Student Internal Action Frameworks (IAF) through a Continual Connective Curriculum for Self-regulating Learning

Pronunciation Charts

Approaching SLA at Meio University

CLIL for Food Culture in Kyushu and Okinawa

OER, Discussion Course, and Critical Thinking Skills

Oral Assessment for an English Communication Class

New! Basic Steps to Writing Research Papers, 2nd edition

Maximizing Class Participation Through Google Plus Communities

Can-Do list statements for English for General Academic Purposes

Programs to Support English Teachers from the US Consulate General, Naha

Maximizing & Balancing "Active Learning" Approaches for Language Teaching


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