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My name is Jalal Kassaei (My childhood name was Aydın). I was born (27 June 1978) in Kivi. Kivi(or Küyü in Turkish) is a town in North western of Iran (East Azerbaijan, Khalkhal Region, Road of Ardabil-Hirov).

I passed schooltime in Kivi. I was an elite student & acceded to go to university at 19 yearsold. My conquer grade(stair) was 95. My university education field was Industrial Engineering(Industrial Technology) & The University was Isfahan University of Tachnology(IUT); I was intersted in it. I graduated  2 years ago (September,2002).


After University, I was working in Sales Engineering Department of Sales Management in ISACO (Iran Khodro Spare Parts & After Sales Service Company) for 2 years. I have done my military service in IRI Navy in Sirjan, BandarAbbas(Strait of Hormoz Beach) & Tehran as long as 20 months. In recent time, I work in an automotive factory! My Main skill & ability is System Design & Computer Programming in field of IE & Decision Support Systems, related to Human Resources Planning, Sales Engineering & Forecasting, Inventory Control, Project Management & ... .


You can see my resume , photo album Expertise Weblog.


Axiomatically, one of my interested activities is about my mother tongue (Azerbaijani Turkish or Azerbaycan Dili) and motherland culture and society. Practically, I was the managing director of DanUlduzu (The Morn Star;  The Cultural and Social Magazine of Azerbaijani Student's in the IUT). And, after University, I write about Azerbaijan and Iranian Turkish people's social-cultural problems in AnaYurdum Weblog.


Best Regards
Jalal Kassaei



J. Kasaei