Jaklub's Super Mario Fangame

Could you tell me what the hell is "Super Mario Bratarsi"?

"Super Mario Bratarsi" is Jaklub's Super Mario series fangame, which joins gameplay of Super Mario 2, 3 and World and mix it with various Super Mario elements.

Show me the screenshots!

Some info please.

Super Mario Bratarsi project launched in 21.06.07 as "Super Mario Venture". The title was changed for some reason. It had to be something like "Super Mario Bros. 2", but the game evolved into the gameplay mix of Super Mario 2 (veggie take, Birdo battles), 3 (Blocks, I am working on racoon suit) and World (Yoshi). There will be 16 levels + 2 bonus areas. In this game you'll find the level select system that will make you able to complete the new map or back to one of previous maps and change character (Mario or Luigi) on 1 player mode.

Mario's jump is lower than Luigi's jump, but Luigi's brake is slower.

I am planning to make Mario/Luigi able to ride Yoshi. It isn't very hard, but it need some sprite (completed) and script work. You will probably meet Yoshi in final version of Super Mario Bratarsi.

What's completed?

Worlds: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3

Enemies: 6

Bonuses: 4,4 (Yoshi - 40%)

Uhhh... More screens?