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Puzzle Park

Cover by Jake Spencer and Matt P. of Team Mama Leap.

Puzzle Park is a text-based puzzle/adventure game by Team Mama Leap, a freshmen student team at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Jake served as lead designer, lead writer, and programmer on Team Mama Leap.

Download Puzzle Park.

You play the part of the newest employee at Puzzle Park, hired to run the main attraction, the park's Haunted House. Unfortunately, the Haunted House is in total disrepair, and it's up to you to fix it.

Travel to the to four parks on your crazy quest for the missing pieces you'll need to repair the Haunted House.

Team Mama Leap consisted of four college freshmen, each of whom lead the design on one of the game's parks.

Jake designed Pirate World.

Puzzle Park draws on a wide variety of puzzle types inspired by classic logic puzzles, graphic adventure computer games, and action-adventure games.

Unfortunately, this variety also keeps the game from developing a coherent rhythm and flow. Difficulty is random, rather than building, and puzzles that would seem natural and intuitive in separate games are jarring in their juxtaposition here.

It was a matter of too many inexperienced, unfamiliar developers working against each other, rather than acting together as a team. It's a shame, but many of the individual elements are still fun.