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Playtesting Analysis

Alpha Build
At this stage, Be Good is still a toy with the suggestion of things to come. Characters and locations exist, but they're undefined. Basic movement works, but it's clunky. There's very little content, and even less explanation, and, in fact, it's misleading to call this the Alpha Build, as it's currently more of a proof of concept.

I knew all of this going into the first playtesting session, and the feedback I received was none too shocking. Because the game is in such an early state, and I wasn't looking for feedback in any specific areas, I requested very general information from my players.

Average Graphics Score - 7.5/10
The graphics got the attention of every player, but an interesting style is no substitute for consistent quality, and some of the current assets aren't up to my own standards yet. This milestone was about getting used to using clay, and learning how to efficiently convert it to in-game graphics. Now the goal is to get better.

Several players remarked that they liked the logo I used for my own name. Interestingly, I used a placeholder logo I had not planned to keep in the final version of the game.

Average Audio Score - 8.25/10
Another area where my placeholder assets were better liked than I anticipated, with the exception of one player who wrote, "the guitar is a little too harsh and seems like it needs to be a bit more playful." This player gave the audio a 6/10 score, and went on to ask for more, unique sound effects.

Average Originality Score - 9/10
The high score for this test, although, as one player fairly commented,
"there isn't enough yet to judge." The goal going forward is to make sure that the score stays where it is or increases once there is enough to judge, even once the novelty is gone.

Average Fun Score - 8.5/10
The second highest score, but also the area where I received the most comments. It's hard to say if this score was inflated, based on potential over execution, or if it is genuinely as fun to play right now as I'm being told. Comments support both theories:

"I didn't like how there weren't instructions"
"this game has a lot of potential "
"the funny faces were fun to mix up- lots of laughs"
"movement of the baby is a bit slow"

I knew in advance that controls and player feedback were rudimentary at best. These comments are a good reminder that they must be improved.

Finally, while I think the potential audience for this game is quite broad, I hardly expect it to appeal to everyone. More than one potential playtester saw a Claymation baby crawling across the screen, shook his head dismissively, and declined to play. However, I received one comment that let me know that there are traditional video game fans who get it:

What did you least enjoy?
"Lack of a clear objective, like "Capture the Flag" or "Blow up the enemy base" (which are my favorite game modes in the Halo© franchise)/."