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Looking Back

Jake says...
This was one of those games that was obviously too ambitious from the very start, but it was my first semester as a game design student. It was my first chance to make something of my own design, and I made the conscious choice to see how much I could accomplish in the few weeks allotted to me, rather than playing it safe.

In the end, it was the right choice.

Around the House is more the suggestion of a game than a complete product. There's little balance to the design, the game is poorly paced and repetitive, and the aesthetic components are pure placeholder.

Ironically, the concept for this game began with the visuals. I was experimenting with the Rotoscoping at the time, attempting to turn videos shot with my digital camera into surreal animation. This, in turn, led to the decision to make a game based on mundane, everyday objects like brooms and microwaves.

Rotoscoping eventually proved too time-consuming, so I forgot about the graphics almost entirely in order to focus instead on what had emerged: a game that plays like a cross between WarioWare and The Sims.