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Story Concepts

Have you ever been in love? Have you ever said those three words? "I love you." This is a re-creation of that moment.

A boy. A girl. The boy loves the girl. Somehow he's never seen it before, but it's true. He loves her! He loves her, and he wants to tell her. He opens his mouth to say the three most important words he will ever say, and nothing comes out. He turns away and coughs. He fumbles and hesitates. What if she doesn't love him? What if he makes a fool of himself? What if he ruins everything?

This is the greatest joy and the greatest terror the boy has ever known. He's in love, but could it disappear as quickly as it came?

Suddenly, the girl is slipping away from him. The world is crashing down all around him. The boy has two choices: He can be crushed by his own fears, or he can follow his love.

The boy's love builds him up and gives him the super-powered strength to overcome the challenges in his way, but only for as long as his nerve lasts.*

* Do keep in mind that abstract, metaphorical stories like this one will, indeed, adhere to the guidelines listed above. The boy would be in a robotic suit, or transform into a robot, which is powered by a vinyl record labeled, "Courage." Or something. These are overall stories - the exact details will come once we've agreed on a major theme.

Constantly running. The world falling apart, consciously trying to block your escape and crush you. Being a robot. Doing the same task again and again. These are dreams many people have already.

Give the story no greater structure, and instead embrace the bizarre, surreal situation we've already created. Reach the alarm clock to wake up and win the game.

A tribute to classic video games. Rather than having the buildings acting of their own will, they are blasted down by tiny 2D spaceship sprites and thrown by blocky apes. See PIXELS for an example of 8-bit characters running amok in a 3D city.

In classic-style, no reasoning for any of this is given in the game. Instead, a barely-related explanation can be found only in the manual, and the player's objective within the game is expressed by the word "START" and blinking arrows pointing forward. A princess awaits rescue at the end.

Fight the Power
Don't let the man get you down! Stay funky as you struggle to get the last copy of the music of the people out of the city and onto a pirate airways. Dig the groovy vibes of freedom!

Comic Book
A diabolical scientist is trying to take over the world by controlling the cities, themselves. The world's only hope lies in the creation of the evil scientist's good twin, and the mighty robot he has built. Catch up to the mad scientist before he can complete his wicked plan.

The time: The future.

An oppressive government rules. Giant robots patrol the streets in locked step, repeating approved government dogma. We see a row of the lifeless robots on an assembly line. One by one, a disc is inserted into each robot, causing each to join the march and chant along with the others: "Obey." "Conform." "Follow." They continue through the city until they reach the end of the disc, when they power down and return to the end of the line to repeat the process.

A revolutionary sneaks through the factory. He intercepts the machine that inserts the discs, and replaces it with one of his own. It is inserted into a robot, who immediately begins to dance and play music.

An alarm sounds! The doors to the factory begin to shut. The robot bursts out, and the alarm continues. The whole city is trying to stop him, and he only has until the end of the disc to act.

Shut down the city's power to stop the buildings and the government robots. In the end, the player's robot is left without power, as well, but the city is safe for its human inhabitants.