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Vera Far

A superstar from space. She's a fast runner and a funky bassist, and she's come to Planet Letdown to spread her message of funk and freedom.

Concept art  by Steffani C. of dead pandas.

The Ballad of Vera Far

Vera Far came from a star, and she brought the gift of funk.
She fell from space with a golden bass, and she gave its
strings a plunk!
But the people here, well they only knew fear, and they didn't dig her sound.

Vera kept playin' while the people were sayin', “We gotta drive her outta town.”
You see, music was banned, unless it was bland, and approved by the big corporations.
Vera was cool in the face of this rule, and shot back her own revelations.
She said, “I know what you're missin', so sit back and listen while I articulate my jive.
Without the funk, your hearts have shrunk; so rise up! Come alive!”

Vera Far plucked her bass guitar, and the people knew it was good.
And the people danced as she broke their trance, just like she knew they would.
But the corporations were full of frustrations with the funk that was changing the world.
The buildings would fall; skyscrapers and malls, to stop the curious girl.
Heavy showers of banks and towers dropped from overhead.
Vera said with a smile as she emerged from a pile, “Funk will never be dead!”

Concept art by Chin F. of dead pandas.

Committe City

Incandescence takes place in Committee City on Planet Letdown, a place where all culture is focus-tested to appeal to the largest demographic, and funk is kept out of sight.

Before Vera's arrival, the city was a gray, boxy place. Vera's followers have since spread her funky style to the buildings, themselves. Now the skyline resembles guitar necks and amps. Street lights shoot laser-like amplitude lines, and billboards promote freedom instead of consumerism.

Naturally, the corporate committees that rule the planet have taken issue with the movement. In an effort to counter the change, and stop to stop Vera, the committees have mechanically rigged the buildings to crush the girl who started it all.

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