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Where's Jake? Taking a Break?

posted Jul 7, 2011, 10:17 PM by Jake Spencer   [ updated Jul 7, 2011, 10:47 PM ]

The last post on my Developer Diary is over two months old, and even that doesn't directly pertain to my current game, Be Good. Yikes. Not exactly the most up-to-date place on the Web, is it?

Here's what I've been doing behind the scenes:
  • Finishing classes.
  • Starting other classes.
  • Wow, school is time-consuming.
  • Looking for a place to live when my lease ends in 11 days.
  • Looking for another place a month after that, when I graduate.
  • Getting ready to move.
  • Looking for a job.
  • Finding out how to get a work visa for the U.K.
  • Finding that I need a job before I can get a visa.
  • Wait, how can I get a job if I don't get a visa?
  • Also, I need a place to live in the U.K. before I can get a visa, but I need a job and a visa before I can get the visa, and I need a visa and a place to live before I can get a job.
  • Surprise! Impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Flying across the country to have my impacted wisdom teeth removed because that's the cheapest way to do it with my insurance.
  • Fighting with the insurance company.
  • Taking painkillers that make me sick.
  • Teaching myself ActionScript (after barely doing any programming for years).
  • Finding major flaws in my code.
  • Reprogramming my entire game.
  • Designing and writing the game.
  • Starting Developer Diary entries that remain unfinished for one or more of the reasons listed above.
  • And much, much more!
Things are finally coming together, though. The game's design and script are complete, the programming is in order, and tomorrow I'll begin building and photographing all of the graphics, which, I should remind you, will be built from clay.

The last time I worked with clay, which was about five months ago when putting together my initial demo for Be Good, I spent several days forgoing all forms of rest while dividing my time between clay, programming, school, and clay. By the end, I began to hallucinate that I was made of clay - seriously.

l suspect I'm in for an intense weekend, but at least I'm better prepared this time. I've even come up with a little something to help me stave off madness, but that's an announcement I'll be saving for tomorrow.