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The Site is Live!

posted Oct 10, 2010, 11:27 PM by Jake Spencer   [ updated Oct 10, 2010, 11:47 PM ]
Oh, ho, ho, poor little development diary. I did have such grand plans for you.

Typically when I see an impressive developer diary, I think things are either going so smoothly that the developer has enough free time to maintain a high-quality page, the diary is being written by some ghostwriter, or development has gone so far off the rails that the developer has decided it's a better use of his or her time to lie about the game on the Internet than to waste anymore effort on the game itself.

This development diary is currently a bit lame. Appropriately, dead panda's Incandescence is... fine. I can't claim we're so far ahead in production that we can kick back or hire marketing staff, but we haven't given up on our super-robot production, either.

To your left (unless I've changed this site's layout by the time you read this) are links to content. Slightly messy links, some of them, but such is life when you're devoting more time to making a game than writing about making a game.

That's not to say this site will be forever disastrous. Not at all! There are plans! Time permitting, this site will grow into something great as Incandescence does the same. Time permitting. Incandescence is a student game, which means that time not spent on the game tends to get eaten by that ravenous beast known as college. Speaking of which, it is time to wrap up this inaugural post...

Good things coming, in Web site form and game form.

 - Jake