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Big People; Small People; Matter of Fact, All People

posted Nov 4, 2010, 12:08 AM by Jake Spencer   [ updated Nov 4, 2010, 12:35 AM ]
To put it simply, the other Dead Pandas and I gave an in-class presentation of our game's prototype and I flubbed my part pretty badly. Not everything about my presentation was a disaster, but, as with any significant mistake, the negative seemed to outshine the positive.

Celebrating an unfortunate slip that would otherwise be forgotten - especially on a public site that's supposed to make me look impressive and professional - may not seem like the best move, but the incident has made me think, and I've reached a conclusion that is worth sharing: I'm a student. I make mistakes. When I make mistakes, millions of dollars are not lost. Executives do not pull the plug on my publishing deal. The public does not write scathing comments about my team on the Internet. I am a student, and as a student, I am free to make mistakes, and learn from them.

There's no reason to celebrate the mistake itself, but I can make mistakes, and I can improve as a result. That's pretty great.

Full disclosure: My mistake was saying that we were holding back big game ideas for a future presentation, rather than showing everything we had at the current presentation. It was... surreal. Not only was the statement untrue; it was something I knew would sound bad. How these words worked their way out of my mouth, I don't know. I feel bad for misrepresenting my team, and myself, but it seems there was no lasting harm done, and our instructors used it as an opportunity to explain to the entire class the danger in such statements, which I view as a positive outcome to an unfortunate situation.