Atomic Comic Improv

Atomic Comic Improv
is an improvisational comedy troupe founded by Jake "elope" Spencer at DigiPen Institute of Technology in 2008. Jake served as president of the troupe from 2008-2011, and undertook such duties as:
  • Teaching classes
  • Running meetings
  • Directing performances
  • Producing shows
  • Designing posters and uniforms
  • Promoting the troupe online
  • Serving as treasurer
  • Writing detailed guides for improv games, and
  • Training replacements to take over all of his duties upon his graduation.
As of 2011, Atomic Comic Improv is in the very capable hands of "High" Devin "ition" Kaas.

Fast and funny, Atomic Comic Improv is always appropriate for all ages.

New and archived shows can be found on Atomic Comic Improv's Ustream channel:

For a schedule of upcoming shows and more information, follow Atomic Comic Improv on Facebook.