Hey! Are you visiting this site because you met me at the Penny Arcade Exposition? Did you type out an awful URL that was handwritten on an obnoxiously garish business card? You really did that? Wow. You're the coolest person in the world. I want to give you a token of my thanks, but all I have are these links:

I'm doing Twitter now for some reason. It's fine.


Be Good

If you're into that Giant Bomb site, perhaps you saw Patrick Klepek play it a few weeks ago. Plus, someone likes it in Brazil, I guess? And it did decently at the Independent Games Festival a few years ago, so that's cool. You can download the full game for free.

My first published writing. An article about a Silent Hill game, but only kind of. From re/Action's "Beliefs" issue.

A statistical-analysis editorial. If the soft, subjective topic of that Silent Hill article didn't grab you, get a load of these charts and graphs!

My video game writer-'boutin' Web site:
Hot Lavy!
I used to update this every day, but it's on hiatus. Most of the time I deliberately pursued bad ideas for articles, which makes for awesome reading.
I used to animate video game characters with fake Play-Doh because I love bad ideas.

Tiny movie reviews. The reviews are tiny, I mean. The movies are just regular movies. Except Foodfight! Man, I don't know what that movie is.

Join the movement. Or something. I don't know. I really don't know what this is. This is the Foodfight! of Tumblogs.

I started an improv comedy troupe in college and sometimes I go back to teach a class or help with a show. Check out this Facebook page for news about upcoming shows and streaming links. They even take suggestions from the online audience. It's great.

Jake Spencer designs video games. This is his Web site.

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