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Im modding by gamecube! Don't ask why!

 Thursday, 6th April 2006

Taking advantage of the shiny new usb port on my cube is fun. Now I can play SNES games, N64 games, GB/GBC games and GC games, although I could already play those. d0lLZ (sic?) is a good GC executable compressor that lets me flash emulators onto my modchip's amazingly tiny BIOS. Why bother with any other Nintendo console when you can play it all on one of the best consoles ever made!

 16:45,Tuesday, 13th April 2006

Gamecube now reads DVD-Rs. For now, my project is complete!

13:00, Tuesday, 4th April 2006

Seeing as I can, I'll show you through the POT readjustment of my Cube.

Start with the 'Cube facing down.

and use the Gamebit screwdriver to open the pesky screws!

Turn the gamecube over and gently lift off the case!

Ooh, Mario Kart: Double Dash!

Unscrew the 200 million (10) screws that pin down the drive.

Unfortunately, removing the drive is a pain in the arse if you have allready installed the viper chip, like me :(

Lift up the drive, flip it over and unscrew the mini phillip's screws

Use a Multimeter to change the resistance of the tiny variable resistor to 200 Ohms.

Then Reassamble! Whole process takes ~65 minutes.

12:50, Tuesday, 4th April

Streamed/Ripped Mario Kart Double Dash to my Hard drive over usb. It works :P, although I cant actually read the image on my computer without an emulator.

Later on Tuesday, 4th April 

Everything works, except games burned to DVD - R. Oh well, i'll have to take it apart again and look at the drive laser :(

As you can (really) see, Mario Kart: Double Dash is running on the fully Modded Gamecube perfectly!

 Some close ups!

Early Morning Tuesday, 4th April 2006  

 Everything has arrived! Some Pictures:

Please ignore the awful webcam picture quality!

 Monday, 3rd April 2006 

All Items dispatched. Yay

Sunday, 2nd April 2006

I have just bought a Viper GC Extreme Modchip, an Icecube replacement shell mod, and a Gamebit screwdriver. In a few days, I will crack open my 'cube and take a look at the insides!

 But why?