I'm a research fellow on the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford, working under Nicholas Shea on a project on metacognition of concepts, and a research fellow at Brasenose College.

Starting in Fall 2020, I'll be an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy and Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program at Washington University in St. Louis.

I work primarily in philosophy of mind and cognitive science, but I have broad research interests including philosophy of language, aesthetics, and early modern philosophy.

Much of my research concerns distinctions between kinds of mental representations (such as iconic and discursive formats), mental processes (such as inference and association), and mental systems (such as perception and cognition).

Some recent papers:

Is iconic memory iconic? Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, forthcoming.

Attention and encapsulation. Mind & Language, forthcoming.

Perceptual pluralism. Noûs, forthcoming.

Unconscious perception and phenomenal coherence. Analysis, forthcoming.

Reid's doxastic theory of perception. Philosophers' Imprint, forthcoming.

email: quiltydunn@gmail.com