About Me

I'm Jake Lin. Person extraordinaire. I bamboozled a bachelor's degree in biology, emphasis in biochemistry, from UC Riverside where I learned the many applications of duct tape as well as how to not kill myself with my cooking. Oh, and I learned some science. I enjoy applying my brain to a panoply of subjects beyond the academic and fiddle with DIY projects whenever possible. I love expanding my horizons and find something new every year to explore. I dabble in story-writing, poetry, singing, ballroom dancing, DIY projects of various sorts, NERF gun modification, handgun sharpshooting, and martial arts. I could say that I play guitar but I'm pretty bad at that and working on it. I enjoy reading fantasy/sci-fi and getting into shenanigans. I am slowly accruing supplies for my zombie preparation kit. I need to learn Spanish so I don't get lost in Argentina. 

About My School

I teach at El Camino Real Charter High School, found in Woodland Hills, CA. Our mascot is the Conquistadors, but I think they changed to "Conquerors" due to historical connotations. Our achievements include city champions in various sports like baseball and soccer and is the only school to have won the Academic Decathlon on six occasions. We recently went charter and it's interesting to see how our school is changing; the cafeteria food is actually palatable, for instance. We serve a relatively well off community and have a strong PTSA that has helped both the faculty and the students.

Classes I teach

I teach primarily chemistry and occasionally biology. I enjoy working with the 16/17 year old age group. I like to entertain as much as educate and I'd like to think that we all have a good time exploring science.

Jake Lin's Nonsensical Quiz

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